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Best Exercise Equipment and Sports Guides at Your Fingertips

Most people nowadays want to change their lifestyle by introducing regular exercise in their daily routine to prevent modern life to take its’ toll on their health. However, choosing the equipment that suits you best can be a complicated process. You have to consider various factors before choosing the best exercise equipment, such as type of equipment for your preferred exercises, whether or not your home has enough space for those machines you want so much, your budget and many others.

You can spend hours of your precious time searching in different places all over the internet or in magazines, trying to make a well-founded decision before purchasing the best workout equipment that would correspond perfectly to your needs.

That’s exactly why we, here at ApprovedByCoach, created this website. We have designed it intending to provide you with an excellent source of all the information you need. With the help of our exercise equipment reviews, advice and tips from the awesome gym and fitness experts you can rest assured that you will find exactly what you need to keep your body and spirit in perfect condition.

Our Mission

We feel that it is important to say that since we started the website, our sole goal is to correspond adequately to the needs of all of our customers, regardless of whether they are total beginners or experienced sportspersons. From our very beginnings, we have dedicated our knowledge to provide accurate information of the best gym equipment for your home, high quality sporting good reviews, sports guide, cool workout gear as well as many others.

We desire to make your purchase easy and cost-effective and make your exercise more than enjoyable. Our team of fitness experts has put together years of experience and connections in the industry to spare you the hassle of running around trying to choose what works best for you. We’ve compiled an incredible collection of the best exercise equipment 2022.

What Did We Prepare for You?

Keeping in mind that having best workout tools is just one of many steps towards leading a healthy life and staying fit, we arranged for you a wide range of tips and guides on how to reach your goals. You will find workout pointers and best sports equipment tips, but not only.

You will also be happy to read about nutrition advice from our nutrition experts, suggestions on maintaining your weight just the way you want, and on improving your resistance and strength effectively. All of this and much more we will discuss in the following categories:


Every workout equipment review will give you detailed general specifications of a particular product based on which you will know whether this piece can accommodate your needs related to space, cost, etc.

We guarantee to highlight all of the positive aspects of the machine or other sporting goods you are considering to buy. We will clarify the durability of the construction, performance quality, as well as other important points. However, we also provide you with potential downsides of it so you can have a clear picture and weigh all the pros and cons of getting it.

What's Behind Our Product Ratings?

Two things can be said with certainty. Due to the hectic times we are experiencing, it became much more comfortable to look for desired products online than to go from shop to shop searching for the right piece of equipment. At the same, it’s difficult to understand are the reviews of the products really worth the money. We guarantee integrity as our core value. We ensure all of our product reviews and ratings come as a result of extensive research tests conducted by our team of experienced professionals.

We created this website to give our readers sincere and accurate recommendations regardless of the brand or price of the product. You will find on our site thoroughly elaborated pros and cons for each and every item, so you can make better-informed choices.

Blog with How to Guides, Tips, Life Hacks and Recipes

Our desire with this website is not only to provide you with information about which products you can buy to make a personal gym but also to give you some sports guides, fitness tips, and advice how to do exercises correctly. In our blog, we include texts on what little tricks and gym tips you can do to get in shape and strengthen your muscles faster. Also, you will find here various recipes to ensure that you eat precisely while you are working out.

Health and Wellness

Over the past decades, wellness became of the first topic among all people who are trying to make more careful choices regarding their health condition. Considering that wellness is a concept that leads you towards making healthier lifestyle choices our website attempts to give you much useful advice on how to stay not only free from illness but also achieve a state of complete well-being.


Whether you are going to the gym or you just decided to turn part of your home into a little personal gym, it’s good not to forget the importance of having adequate high-quality accessories. They make your life and work out much more comfortable. Thus, we prepared for you a collection of best gym accessories.

You might think that it’s not so important to have a professional sports bag, bike gloves, or perfect water bottle when you are training. Nevertheless, if you look at the selection that we prepared for you, and read our reviews, you will see that even these little things we often tend to neglect can prove to be quite useful during and after our work out.


More often than not, people are becoming aware of how important is it to include daily exercise in their habits. So they are creating a plan to make sure they are in good physical condition. You may not think so, but clothing plays a significant role in having a good and effective workout. One thing is that you certainly don’t want to rip your good regular clothes while engaging yourself in any physical activity. However, there is more to having the right sports clothes, even if it may come as a surprise for some.

Sportswear is designed in a way that it absorbs sweat much better than regular clothes so that you won’t be sweaty after hard training. Also, if you wear loose sportswear, you will be much more comfortable and your movements freer, which allows you a higher level of flexibility as well. Also, keep in mind that it’s not only beneficial for your body, but you can also be quite attractive in your new cool workout gear.


Having good sport shoes is extremely important for physical activity especially if you are planning to begin with some of the high-intensity exercises like running, but also any of the other activities that require a lot of moving. Injuries that come as a result of bad footwear while you are engaged in some sporting activities are quite common. The best possible way to avoid them is to ensure you are equipped with a good quality pair of shoes that suits your needs. You are welcome to check out our selection of best workout gear to help you find your perfect sports footwear.

Diet and Nutrition

Another thing that is a necessity for our overall wellbeing besides a good workout is, of course, food. Simply said, nutrition is essential for all of us, and especially for people who decide to become more physically active and start regularly practicing some sport to improve or maintain good physical condition. Nutrition provides energy for performing planned activities. Of course, we won’t be able to come to desired results if we don’t pay some attention to what kind of ‘fuel’ we give to our body.

As we all know, it’s not easy to continually think about all the ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals we should intake daily to be healthy. Therefore, we asked our team of fitness experts to give you tips on what kind of nourishment you need and how to create a perfectly balanced diet when you are on the road to be in the best shape of your life.

Sports Nutrition

You probably walked next to some fashion shops offer sports nutrition supplements. However, we bet you never even considered checking out what is there because you thought it’s only for heavyweight lifters. It is true that in the past, sports nutrition was exclusively for bodybuilders. However, times are changing, and we are constantly learning more about our bodies and what we need to stay well. There is a growing belief that every sports person needs to consider taking these supplements to improve their overall durability, performance, and stay healthy.

We, at ApprovedByCoach, have a team of professionals, who were more than happy to provide us with tips and suggestions on which supplements to use, when and in what way to perform whatever sports you are engaged in a bit better.

Training Equipment

It is a well-established fact that you cannot have a good body workout if you don’t have adequate training tools. Regardless of whether you are thinking just cardio, strength exercises with weights or workout for endurance and resistance what you need is the best workout equipment that you can afford. You know, it’s easy when you go to the gym, all those machines are there, and you just hop on them and do your exercise as much as you want.

However, when you are thinking to create your own best workout gear in the house, it’s quite complicated. How to decide what you need more a treadmill, a Nordic track ski machine or something else? Unless you just won a lottery and can buy the first thing you come across without much thinking, looking for the right tools and machines can also be time-consuming.

Well, you are in for a treat because we made a collection of various tools on the site with all the explanations and exercise equipment reviews that can make your shopping way more relaxed.


In recent years, yoga is becoming widely popular also in the western world, and more people are practicing. It’s not surprising at all, because it proved to play a pretty significant role in keeping your mind and body in good shape. You might think that equipment is not the most critical factor for practicing yoga, but according to our research, it’s shown to be essential for improving your comfort during this exercise. On our website, you will find tips on what you can get to make your yoga experiences more enjoyable.

Workouts and Exercises

Now when you have all the necessary information about all the must-have products and best exercise equipment designed towards making your exercise experiences better, more comfortable and enjoyable, you are ready to move forward with your workout plan and your best gym gear. We created for you a wide range of texts with advice about great exercises and workout programs. You can find something that will suit your needs and bring you closer to achieving your goals.

If you want to work on your cardio resistance training or to engage yourself in some serious weight lifting to increase your strength, you will be happy to know there is a sports guide for every exercise on our website.

In the end, we can only recommend that before you decide to start shopping and get on with improving the quality of your life, you make sure to check our best exercise equipment review, best fitness equipment reviews and sporting goods reviews. This way, you will be able to easily make an informed decision. When considering which products to buy.

Having the best workout equipment 2022, eating better and generally, having a healthier lifestyle will guarantee you greater overall satisfaction as well as greater pleasure while you work out.