About Us

ApprovedByCoach is a sport review website created in 2019 to provide reviews on the sport products, goods and services. Website was launched by two enthusiasts who are wrote review articles and guides about the products and techniques they’re using in their sport routine. Seven months after, website was acquired by the Fiery Beacon Media – young digital media agency who are also working with other review websites.

Nowadays, ApprovedByCoach is a team of 12 people – professional writers, bloggers and sport professionals. All of them working on delivering the best content for the readers across the web.

What Are Our Goals?

Our goal is simple. We’ve decided our mission to provide the following for out readers:

  • Structure and simplify information about the best sport products.
  • Provide useful and informative guides that really works.

Why Can You Trust Us?

Just a few moments ago we said such things as “…that really works”, “…best sport products”. But why can you rely on us? Why does that articles have a value? At very least, why can you be sure that the products in our articles are the best, and information in the guides are really applicable?

That’s why:

  • We are choosing the BEST products only. Not the most popular or well-known, not the cheapest or the pricey one.
  • It’s impossible to test all the sport products in the world personally. However, we are searching for the real reviews at the general forums (like Reddit or Quora), professional sport forums in the US, UK, CIS, etc. After that, we compare the reviews for each product, and made the final decision.
  • We have a team of professional sport consultants who are working with us as a freelancers on the ongoing basis, as well as our regular team members. For example, we have professional powerlifters who are the members of the international federations and NCCA-certified fitness instructors.

What Is Behind Our Ratings?

We have a team of experienced people who spend hours testing and analyzing each product. They take various factors into consideration, some of them being the durability, performance, and overall quality of materials. Then they gather information about how the product behaves under different circumstances like for example harsh weather or terrains for clothes or footwear. After this, we are able to provide you with high quality, honest reviews.

Another thing is that since we value our readers and we do all this work for you, we also encourage the customers who already tried out some of the products to send us their feedback. We find this extremely helpful in having a full insight, which additionally makes us possible to give you a full idea of the quality of products.

A Сouple of Words about Our Team

Like we already mentioned, our team is made of people who like you are passionate about working out and improving our lifestyle. Why is this important? Because even if there is a lot of work, we never say that it is hard and fully enjoy every aspect of it. We are happy to support you in your endeavors to live better and healthier lives.

You can always check our current team members and authors at the Our Team page.