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  • Complete Guide on the Best Leg Workouts For Men

    10 Aug 2020

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    A warm box of pizza on your lap, two bars of chocolate, and a glass of refreshing chill drink. This is your dietary routine every week; zero exercises, yet you grump about those embarrassing comments you earn from ladies about your belly fat or your funny frame. The truth is that no voodoo will help you shed those unwanted calories if you do not stand up to action and map out a fitness plan for yourself.

    Opting for leg workouts for men is just the right decision, but making a well-founded choice of the best leg workouts for men can be quite challenging. By going through this guide, you will get to know about those workouts that will help you lose some fat, build your muscles, and live healthier. We shall equally provide the basic nuggets on how to go about themโ€ฆ and one more thing- the amazing benefits you stand to gain!

    If you choose the best limb exercises for men and do them right with the appropriate gears and the best workout shoes for men, the end results will be worth all the sacrifice. Here are some benefits you will derive if you do them religiously. Keep in mind that, even though most leg workouts for men will not eat up much of your time, consistency is key.

    • Stronger and Well-sculpted Legs and Greater Confidence

    Your leg muscles belong to the largest muscle groups in your entire body. So, if you task your limbs with the right leg day workout for men, your leg muscles become stronger and you get an improved balance, thereby making other forms of exercise a piece of cake. You could also melt the heart of your partner with well-sculpted legs, lush looks, and more confidence.

    • Incredible Fat Loss

    One of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted body fat is by taking regular doses of good leg workouts for men, rather than conditioning yourself to some unappealing low carb diets. The more you exercise your limbs, the faster your metabolism rate. Leg workouts for men have been proven to burn calories faster than any other exercise. So, make up your mind and get started with the exercises now!

    • Improved Function of the Nervous System

    Leg day workout for men increases the heart rate and reduces your susceptibility to neurological diseases such as the dreadful Alzheimerโ€™s disease and sclerosis. Recent researches have discovered an intricate link between overall neurological health and the signals sent by the limb muscles to the brain.

    • Reduced Lower Back Pain

    It is an undeniable fact that men do the most arduous of tasks daily despite gender equality campaigns โ€” that clamors for women to be allowed to do any kind of job. This precipitates them to regular and almost unbearable sessions of lower back pain. If you suffer from this, the solution is to engage in leg exercises for men. As you engage in them, you are gradually strengthening your hip flexors and flutes, thereby reducing the back pain to the barest minimum.

    Leg Workouts: Burning Fat vs Building Muscle

    Some people engage in leg workouts for the sole purpose of building up their muscles. To others, their intent is to eliminate some excess body fat. Most fitness enthusiasts believe that you cannot build muscles and burn fat simultaneously. Their argument is based on the law of thermodynamics which states that; energy is stored to build muscles and lost to burn fat. To be candid, most leg workouts are capable of fulfilling both goals conjointly. This is because muscles and fat tissues are separate compartments in the body. Similarly, the muscles require protein, water, and energy (fat) to build mass. Thus, fat is being burnt as energy to build up the muscles.

    Most Effective Leg Workouts for Men

    While there are almost unlimited choices when it comes to leg workouts, there is no one-size-fits-all limb exercise, as your fitness goals determine your routine. Leg workout for men at gym requires a couple of gears and machines, but you could also try out leg workouts for men at home.

    Barbell Squat

    The Walking Lunge

    Lunges have a wide range of options to choose from which include the forward lunge, reverse lunge, walking lunge, and more. You are free to explore as many kinds as you want. You need a dumbbell to carry out the walking lunge. Hold it firmly with both hands at each end of the dumbbell and stand with your feet slightly wide apart. Then, step forward with one foot and go down slowly until your knee almost touches the ground, while your front thigh is parallel to the floor. The walking lunge is one of the best leg exercises for men.


    One effective leg workout routine for men is the deadlift. This is because it tends to task virtually all the muscles in the body โ€” if you do it right. All you need is a pair of barbells in front of your feet, while you stand with your shoulders apart. Ensure that your grip on the barbell is firm, lest it slips away accidentally, and injures you. Then, slightly slouch your knees while ensuring that your back is straight.

    Calf Raises

    Calf raises are a perfect example of leg workouts for men at home. It is a great way to put those stairs in your home into good use. All you need are a pair of leg workout shoes and the bottom stair in your house. You will raise your heels such that the rear half of your feet are hanging in the air. Then, you push yourself upwards with the tip of your toes โ€“ in a meticulous manner- and then backward until you feel a stretch in your calves. This is a pretty fast way to get stronger and bigger calves.

    Leg Press

    Leg Exercise: How to Choose Right?

    Defining your fitness goals will help you in making the right choice of the best leg exercises for men. For example, if you want stronger glutes, you can engage in deadlifts (4 sets of 8-10 reps), reverse lunge, and dumbbell squat. For hamstring prominence, squats and deadlifts are the perfect options. Similarly, if you desire to have bigger calves, try out the calf raise and donkey calf raise.

    Final Say

    Leg workouts for men are very effective ways to eliminate body fat and build stronger muscles if done correctly and consistently. You could also try out the best pre workout supplement such as Caffeine and Citrulline to boost your performance during the workouts. Try out these workouts now, so you donโ€™t miss out on their remarkable benefits. Kindly visit to share your comments and experience with us.

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