Tricep Exercises
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    23 Sep 2019

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    Having strong total gym triceps is essential for activities done in each day. The triceps are often referred to as weight lifters because any moment you push something; e.g., a trolley, a door, you’re putting your triceps to work.

    Being healthy is essential in our daily activities; that’s why most people dislike having their tricep waving even after they have stopped. Building strong and firm triceps and increasing arm size requires a person to work on them in all aspects.

    The tricep muscles, as explained by the name, are composed of 3 heads namely: lateral head triceps, long head triceps, and finally the medial head triceps. These heads are the responsible ones for the contraction while doing arm work-out for mass through, push-up and press-up techniques. But here are some techniques that emphasize more on the different parts of the triceps.

    You can choose these specific types that will insist on the various heads of triceps. With that information, here are the best tricep exercises and the instructions on how to build triceps, they are ranked.

    The Best Tricep Exercises Done at the Gym

    These exercises you’ll have to do at the gym because you may need some equipment.

    Exercise # 1 - Diamond Shaped Push-Ups

    This particular exercise is considered the most difficult in tricep stretches, and yet the results are impressive for it relies mostly on the torso’s strength. Therefore, you are needed to work on your toes slowly as you move the knees.

    How to do it:

    Best Tricep Exercises to Do at the Gym
    • Start by positioning your hands under your chest directly, with fingers spread in the way of making the shape of a diamond.
    • Have your legs stretched and straightened for natural movement on the floor.
    • Ensure that your back is flat and straight. Have your body lowered until your chest touches the floor for perfection. Though if you’re unable to do that, you can go as low as you possibly can then, with time work on improving your strength.
    • At the base of your movement have your joints placed at your sides.
    • To maintain your torso’s rigidity, keep pressing back for 1-5 sets.
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    Exercise # 2 - The Kickbacks

    This exercise requires a person to bend forward and move a barbell up and down against gravity. The secret behind this move is to have your shoulder bring stability to the upper arm hence giving room for the forearm’s extension. If your joint feels like it’s drifting down, then you can use a lighter barbell.

    How do you accomplish this exercise?

    • Have your foot on a platform rest your ulna on the thigh so that your back can be supported.
    • Have a 5kg tricep dumbell (or the weight you wish to use) held in the left hand and have your elbow pulled up to the torso’s level
    • Lower your ulna to a 90-degree angle and give a repeat of 1-5 sets each with 10 reps.
    • Focus on keeping your upper arms stationary during the whole exercise against the body.
    The Best Tricep Workouts

    Exercise # 3 - Tricep Dips

    Also known as the seated tricep press, this is the 3rd best exercise when it comes to increasing arm size, and its difficulty is entirely dependent on how you’ve placed your feet. In this version, make your knees bent so that movements become a lot easier. To increase the exercise’s effect, have your feet extended.

    Keep your thighs close to the chair to avoid shoulders being strained. If you feel discomfort or pain in the joints while doing this exercise, then skip it.

    How to do it:

    • Sit on a platform and have your hands placed outside hip bones and the knees, bent or stretch legs out (you can choose the form which you’re comfortable with).
    • Keep the hipbones close to the bench have the joints bend and have them lowered down to about 90 degrees.
    • Have the joints positioned behind you as you engage your shoulders.
    • Do this repeatedly for three sets each of 1-10 reps
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    Exercise # 4 - Overhead Tricep Exercises

    Also known as the overhead dumbbell extension, this exercise in shoulder tricep work-out is the 4th most effective because it aims mainly at 76% tissue activation. The secret behind this method is when your body weight’s lowered, ensure your arms are close to the ears. To prevent your back from paining always contract your abs. The activity can be done either while standing or seated, but if you want weighted results, doing it while seated is the recommended method. If you need to improve on your core weight training, use a ball to perform this exercise appropriately.

    How it’s done:

    • Sit on a bench and hold weight in both hands, extend them overhead.
    • Have your biceps kept close to your ears as you lower your weight, keep your joints pointing forward in a 90 degrees position.
    • Have your arms straightened as your tricep are contracted and do this for three sets each ten reps.
    • Engage your abs throughout the entire process if you want to prevent backache.

    Exercise # 5 - Rope Exercises

    This exercise is ranked as the 5th among the best cable tricep extension as it involves about 74% of tissue usage.

    Resistance bands can come in handy if you don’t have a cable machine. Lock them to the doorway’s top and have the group halfway down loosely tied.

    How it’s done:

    • At a tricep machine: hold the rope and exercises by having your joints bent to about 90 degrees close to the torso.
    • Position your hands to either side for your tricep contraction, extend your arms.
    • Have your ulna brought to the beginning and repeat the process for three sets each ten reps.

    The Best Tricep Work-out Done at Home

    These exercises you can easily perform at home. If only you had the best home gym, you would gain perfect tricep mass more quickly!

    Exercise # 1 - The Pushdown Bar

    This exercise is considered adequate when it comes to tricep pushdown. It’s ranked the 6th in arm exercises as it activates about 67% of tissue.

    This exercise requires a small bar attached to a cable machine or alternatively, you can improvise at home using a short rod that is roped through the handles, making it useful for the tricep rope extension.

    Keep the joints still as the barbell is pushed down to be effective.

    How it’s done:

    Best Tricep Exercises to Do at Home
    • Come in front of the tricep machine and hold onto the bar with the joints contracting to about 90 degrees.
    • Keeping the joints stationary, have the bar pushed down and this way as you extend your forearms the tricep will contract.
    • Have the bar brought to the mid-section without moving for three sets each ten reps.

    Exercise # 2 - Barbell Tricep Extension

    The barbell tricep extension is ranked number 7 because it only allows 62% tissue activation. This is a surprise because the barbell tricep extension technique is a chest and tricep work-out and to add on it, it’s quite difficult (if you’ve ever done it you’ll agree with this)

    But for excellent results, you can include this method with the top tricep exercises.

    How It’s Done

    • Lie on the bench with your hand’s length apart as you hold the barbell.
    • Start the exercises by having to weight up overhead with palms close to fingers.
    • Have the joints bent and the weight lowered until they are up to 90-degree angles.
    • Have your tricep squeezed so that your arms can straighten without having to lock into the joints.
    • Do this for about three sets each ten reps.
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    Exercise # 3 - The Bench Press

    The close grip bench triceps also referred to as lying triceps extensions has been ranked the 8th most effective when it comes to tricep isolation exercises. This exercise leads to 62% of tissue activation, and it also involves the chest.

    If you intend to improve on both chest and triceps, then this exercise is highly recommended for you. This is appropriate for completing chest exercises and as a pre-workout for men before starting other targeted steps.

    How to Accomplish It:

    most effective tricep exercises
    • Lie on the form and hold your barbell with arms 10cm apart.
    • Start the exercises with your joints bent with the weight over the ribcage.
    • Have the weight pressed over the ribcage hence focusing on the tricep contraction
    • Repeat this process for about three sets, each with ten reps.

    Exercise # 4 - The Skull Crushers Technique

    This exercise also referred to as lying tricep extensions, focuses on the elbow extensions for the forearms to get locked in position. This method uses the lateral and long tricep heads. The long head is used when the inclined bench comes into play, and the lateral happens to be used as the declined bench comes into play.

    How it’s done:

    • Grip the bar and have your arms straightened up.
    • Tuck your joints and fix them close to the forehead, lower the bar but keep your fore-arms perpendicularly to the floor.
    • Like arm exercises for mass, without having your joints locked, extend your ulna.

    Exercise # 5 - The Dullard Ground Press

    This method uses the well-known bench press technique whereby your lockout portion will use a tricep to a particular level. The load here is distributed evenly with the dullard rather than weight. Your tissues will be stabilized harder to keep the weight’s position appropriate. This work-out is impressive, especially if you want to gain a dumbbell triceps.

    How it’s done:

    • Have a dullard in each hand as you lie on the ground.
    • Hold the dullards and bend the forearms as you have the dullards lowered.
    • Ensure that your joints touch the ground, then push them back up after a 2-second pause.

    Why Tricep Exercises Are So Significant

    Why Tricep Exercises Are so Important

    Of the upper-arm size and mass, two-thirds are composed of your triceps. That’s why, according to, working on tricep will give you a stronger, bigger arm tissue. Having a horseshoe tricep doesn’t just play the role of showing off; it also plays an essential role in well-liked exercises like bench-presses and press-ups.


    These were the best exercises you can perform at home.

    Don’t forget about your comfort during training and put on special work-out shorts.

    In case of any tissue soreness, you can check out the best hemp protein powders for fast muscle recovery.

    With that, we hope that you’ve learned a great deal of best tricep exercises.

    Finally, are you conversant with the different parts of the tricep and how to work them? Let us know by leaving your comments below. For more tips, visit
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