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  • 16 Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

    05 Aug 2019

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    Bodybuilding is a very complex and challenging activity, that requires a lot of hard work, determination and experience. You need to know your body and just human biology overall, in order to get the bodybuilding results. Unfortunately, with so many variables and aspects at play, not everyone manages to reach their bodybuilding goal and get the muscle mass they dreamed about. So what could be the issue? What are people doing wrong in order to fail on their way to a muscular, buffed body? There are many factors that determine how fast you can build muscle – genetics, sex, diet, workout regime e.t.c. And in order to help you reach your potential, we’ve decided to share with you some basic bodybuilding tips, so that nothing could stop you on the way to your intention!

    Factors Affecting Muscle Growth

    One of the most important bodybuilding tips is to know how your muscles grow and what is affecting that. There are 3 major factors that play a crucial role in how you build muscle:
    Mechanical tension

    Mechanical Tension

    The only way to grow muscles is by resistance training. The more resistance you face, the more your muscles grow. So start by lifting weights or trying a resistance band. You can also try a tried and true pushups, as well as an extremely effective exercise – plank pose. With so many health benefits, this resistance training exercise is perfect for any goal – weight loss or muscle building. Among other tips for gaining muscles is applying mechanical tension. It has been proven that tension triggers muscle building, by disturbing the tissues. That, in turn, causes changes such as growth and physical strength. So with that in mind, choose exercises that involve weight lifting and keep increasing the weights along the way.
    Metabolic stress

    Metabolic Stress

    Apart from weight lifting, you can also utilize metabolic stress and develop lean mass as a result. Doing exercises that involve moderate or high repetitions for increasing metabolic stress is one of the most useful bodybuilding tips we can give you. So, to promote muscle growth, do a rep without resting. Also, try HIIT for short periods such as 45 minutes – they will cause metabolic stress, which in turn will lead to muscle growth. You can also try exercises that decrease in intensity as you go, for instance, squats but remember to use a resistance band for better results.
    Muscle damage

    Muscle Damage

    As traumatic as it sounds, muscle damage is not something you should worry about. This is the soreness you feel after an intense workout. Although muscle damage can help in the growth of the lean mass, too much can be counterproductive. The most essential bodybuilding tip is to let your body rest, since overtraining can only decrease your results, or worse, make you lose muscle mass or cause injury. Give your body time to heal and it will surprise you!

    16 Bodybuilding Tips for Faster Muscle Growth

    So with that said, let’s now take a look at the most important and useful bodybuilding tips for beginners:
    Begin with Free Weights

    1. Begin with Free Weights

    Here’s the most important fitness tip for beginners: don’t rush. Focus on dumbbells to start your bodybuilding regime and then increase weights and intensity with time. The best way on how to get into bodybuilding and progress is to add weights to your workout, but gradually. You might include many sets in your workout routine, but if you don’t incorporate strength training, there won’t be much change, if any at all. The only way for growing your muscles is to keep adding weight if those you felt before feel lighter now. If you find it challenging, you can try other workouts such as supersets, which will boost your potential.

    2. Try Multiple Sets

    Among the most effective bodybuilding tips is that you have to multiple sets to get the best results. Remember, you have to put a lot of work in order to see results.
    Train Multiple Muscles atOnce

    3. Train Multiple Muscles at Once

    The fastest way for changes is by doing exercises that work at least 2 muscles at once. The most effective way to do that is with the help of compound exercises: squats, deadlifts, lunges with twists – all of them will allow you to work on several muscles group.

    4. Stick to Your Routine

    Following a consistent workout schedule is a pretty simple and straightforward bodybuilding tip. Remember that the only way you reach your goal is with hard work and determination.

    5. Take a Break

    A lot of beginners’ guide to bodybuilding agree, that it’s never okay to push yourself when you’re feeling discomfort. True, the only way you get results is by challenging yourself and doing something that may feel uncomfortable and difficult. However, it’s important to understand that pain is never okay, and if you’re feeling sore and especially pain in the muscles – take a break.
    Fuel the Body for Growth

    6. Fuel the Body for Growth

    Many people follow all the tips for gaining muscles but forget the most important one: diet. It doesn’t matter how much weight you lift if you don’t eat the right food before a workout; it will all be in vain. Always make sure that you eat only the best pre-workout foods, such as carbohydrates, since they provide energy. Proteins, on the other hand, help build lean mass, and should absolutely be a major part of your diet.

    7. Switch Between Muscles

    Create a checklist of all the muscle groups you intend to train and make sure to exercise a different group each week. Too little or too much exercise will not help achieve your goals, so make sure to aim for at least 3-5 days of exercise per week.

    8. Full-Body and Split Training

    Some coaches believe that full-body training is the best way to build muscles faster, while other trainers think that focusing on a single group each week is the best strategy. To reap the full benefits, alternate between those 2 strategies. Bodybuilding tips for men, in this case, include training either a chest and triceps or a back and biceps each week alternatively.
    Master Each Routine

    9. Master Each Routine

    Visiting a gym is exciting but focus on mastering your exercises and not trying to gauge how much you can lift. However, do keep in mind that due to biological differences women will have a harder time putting on muscle mass than men do. So one of the most essential bodybuilding tips, in this case, is not to turn this into a competition – go at your own pace, and don’t turn it into a competition.

    10. Understand What Works for You

    What works for some people might not always work for you. So always be on the lookout – observe your body and see how it reacts and stick to what works best for YOU.

    11. Practice Caution

    One of the bodybuilding tips that one should remember is to be careful with weights. Make sure that you protect yourself with wrist wraps, powerlifting belts, and knee sleeves – all these will help you avoid injury. And do we even need to lift weights heavier than you can withstand?
    Eat Often

    12. Eat Often

    The most effective bodybuilding tip is to eat at least 4 meals a day with a 3 hours break. To increase your muscles don’t starve yourself, and eat more calories than you burn. However, that also depends on your activity level. For example, if you have an office job, you of course don’t need as many calories as a construction worker would. After all, remember about the “Calories in, Calories out” rule.

    13. Stay Away from Junk

    Junk food is rather harmful to your body so if you wish to have a good physique it’s best to stay away from it. This food will cause weight gain in terms of fat and not muscles. Consider healthy alternatives such as lean meat and proteins, as well as healthy fats and carbohydrates. Also remember that sweets and fried foods will slow down the process of gaining lean mass.

    14. Fruits and Vegetables are Your Friends

    Eating carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are essential for gaining mass; however, these do not provide enough macronutrients. You need minerals, vitamins, and fiber from fruits and vegetables. These food types are not only delicious and refreshing, but they are healthy and provide vitamins that boost the production of testosterone, which helps in muscle gain. Vegetables, on the other hand, are useful because they have low calories, which take the body longer to digest. This factor makes vegetables one of the ideal foods to build lean mass. Moreover, vegetables keep you full longer without having to consume carbohydrates, which are full of calories. Ensure that at least ½ of your plate contains vegetables for each meal.
    Think Like a Sportsman

    15. Think Like a Sportsman

    Athletes change their lifestyles and adopt healthy living. Their lives reflect their choices; for instance, they quit harmful habits such as smoking and drinking. They also eat healthily and don’t skip workouts; however hard they might be. So remember that if you wish to not only gain but also keep the muscle mass – all the bodybuilding tips mentioned above must become a permanent part of your lifestyle, not temporary.

    16. Sleep

    We know you want the changes fast, but hitting the gym every day won’t help. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep helps your muscles to recover and grow. Another reason for that is the less sleep you get the more your muscle mass decreases.


    When you want to know how long does it take to build muscles, the most important bodybuilding tip that we can give you is that it takes time and patience. Nobody will look like a professional bodybuilder after a few weeks of lifting weights. This is a lengthy and challenging process, that may seem unsuccessful at first – however no matter what you can’t give up. Challenges are something a lot of athletes face on their journey, however, it’s those that manage to overcome that hardship come out victorious. And we at ApprovedByCoach sincerely hope that our bodybuilding tips for beginners will help you reach any fitness goal you have in mind! So good luck on your bodybuilding journey and make sure to share your progress with us in the comments, we would be happy to hear about your accomplishments!
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