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    23 Mar 2021

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    If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you must love to try out different exercises. And while you can exercise without equipment, it’s always better to accompany your workout routine with some tools, to help you gain even better results.

    But here’s the downside – not everyone can afford or want equipment, and that is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to train at home without it.

    However, there IS a way out to get the tools you need AND train your craftiness and have fun in the process. Moreover, if you have the option to save some money on equipment and make a good one yourself, why not?

    So today, we’ve decided to help you learn how to make DIY battle ropes – fast, simple but effective. After all, battle ropes are very beneficial for your body and they can be used for high power training. This amazing exercise tool, which looks like a heavy and long pair of ropes attached to a pillar on one end, is great for muscle strengthening and weight loss since it burns a lot of calories.

    How Do Battle Ropes Work?

    How Do Battle Ropes Work

    Originally these battle ropes were used by football players and martial artists. However once people started to realize how much benefit this equipment has, battle ropes also became popular among bodybuilders and in Crossfit.

    And to work on this equipment you have to hold these heavy ropes by the handles and move them in a wave-like manner.

    Battle Ropes Benefits

    • A great form of aerobic.
    • Works and strengthens all your muscles, especially arms.
    • Helps you lose weight and tone the body.
    • Trains and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

    So now that we’ve familiarised ourselves with the basics, let’s find out how to make battle ropes at home!

    How to Make Battle Ropes?


    Generally, the recommended battle rope length for experienced sportspeople is around 50’ in weight. If you are a beginner you must start with smaller sizes – 30’ would be just fine. And when you get the hang of this, advance with the size to 40’. As for the thickness – it’s best to make DIY battle ropes around 1.5” – 2’’ thick for people of all levels. Moreover, these dimensions are perfect for both muscle building and strengthening.

    Thus, if you wish to make your own battle ropes, the first thing you must do is pick the right size.

    What Can You Use For “Rope”?

    What Can You Use For “Rope”

    When you want to learn how to do battle ropes, then you need to choose the right material. Since the battle rope weight is quite heavy, you need to choose strong and heavy materials. Moreover, you can make DIY battle ropes in a lot of different ways:

    Garden Hose Battle Ropes

    • Step 1: You can make a DIY battle rope with a garden hose, however, you can also use a fire hose – it’s all up to you. Just make sure that the hose is at least 50 feet long.
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    • Step 2: Now, you have to increase the battle rope weight by stuffing it with sand.
    • Step 3: Now seal the ends by using duct tapes. These will act as handles and will help you get a better grip on your DIY battle ropes.
    • Step 4: Now that you are done, all you need to do is set it up. Attach your homemade battle ropes to a tree, post, or anything strong.

    Now that you are done, all you need to do is set it up. Attach your homemade battle ropes to a tree, post, or anything strong.

    Ordinary Rope

    • Step 1: Get hold of a couple of long ordinary ropes. Make sure they are strong and can endure your training pressure. Overall, it’s best to use a kind of rope that is used in rock climbing centers.
    • Step 2: Braid them together and segregate them into two long parts.
    • Step 3: Secure them with duct tapes to make them even stronger.
    • Step 4: Add some kind of handle at the end of your rope otherwise, there is a high chance that you will have a hard time handling it. You can either again make the handles with duct tape or get appropriate gloves for cross-fit that will ensure that your hands won’t slip.

    How to Set Up Battle Ropes at Home?

    • Measure the rope out and cut it accordingly. Do not compromise on the length of your rope else the whole purpose will fall flat.
    • How to Set Up Battle Ropes at Home
    • If you are using ropes of any kind other than garden hoses, you must torch the frayed ends. This not only gives a more professional look but also makes the handling easier and keeps them intact longer. However, refrain from melting too much.
    • Do not forget to add handles to your homemade battle ropes. Even if you are planning to use a pair of workout gloves, do not skip this part. Handles improve your grip over the ropes which in turn lets you have more control. Also, wrap the handles of your ropes. That again improves your grip.
    • You can add weight to your rope if you wish to.
    • Now finally, anchor your DIY battle ropes to a strong post or a big tree.

    Final Word

    And that’s pretty much all the most effective ways to make a battle rope at home! So all you have to do now is to choose the method that works the best for you, and you’re all ready to make your own DIY battle ropes!

    So best of luck, and don’t forget to share with us how well it worked for you OR if you have some difficulties – we would be glad to help you!

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