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  • Proven Exercises That Will Easily Replace Front Squats

    01 Dec 2020

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    The front squat is one of the finest exercises performed for well-being. But some people find it difficult to learn the posture of the workout. For them, the front squat alternative training works the best. Keep reading to know more!

    Smith Machine Front Squats

    You can use the smith machine to perform the exercise. It will take part in the weight and let you do the exercise comfortably. Therefore, you will no longer feel the heavy burden of weight while building your muscles.

    smith machine front squats

    How to Do

    • Raise the bar height without letting it touch your shoulder.
    • Place the weights according to your comfort.
    • Situate your arms comfortably.
    • Keep lowering your body to make the legs stand at 90 degrees.
    • Push your body on the heels until you stand.
    • Repeat several times.

    Pro Tip

    To push more weight onto the machine, you can arch your back slightly more than required.

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    Goblet Squat

    One of the front barbell squat alternatives is the Goblet exercise. If you have trouble managing heavy weights, then this is the right kind of training for you. Here, the barbell is substituted with a dumbbell, which is easier to lift. This workout is better for people with lower back pain.

    How to Do

    • Pick a dumbbell of your choice and bring it close to the chest. The palm must be placed on the upper end of the weight.
    • Keep lowering your body to make 90 degrees with legs. Keep your shoulder blades pulled up.
    • Start raising yourself to get back to the starting position.
    • Repeat several times.

    Pro Tip

    Ensure the dumbbell is close to the chest. Also, avoid lowering your back too much as that can create a bad posture.

    Dumbbell Squat

    This variation will help you build the muscles required to perform other exercises. Here, the knees should be kept behind the toes. Unlike the mentioned above alternative, the dumbbells are present in both hands of the athlete.

    backwards lunges

    How to Do

    • Hold the right size dumbbells in both hands and stand upright.
    • Place your feet at an optimum distance and point the toes outwards.
    • Lower the body to make 90 degrees with legs.
    • Raise the body to the initial position.
    • Repeat several times.

    Pro Tip

    Try holding the position for around 3 seconds, which will build the muscles better.

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    Backward Lunges

    If you are convinced of trying some unique alternative to the front squat, then the backward lunges are the ones. This workout works effectively on the thigh muscles, which can be great for athletes.

    How to Do

    • Hold dumbbells in each hand and stand with your feet a shoulder-width apart.
    • Stand on the ball of your one foot and lower the knee to touch the floor.
    • Raise the particular leg to the initial posture and repeat the same with the other leg.
    • Repeat a few times.

    Pro Tip

    Keep your chest up and ensure the joints form a straight line while working out.

    Challenging Alternatives

    Zercher Squats

    Out of all eccentric vs concentric squats, this one stands apart as the hardest. Here, the barbell must be placed on the crook of your elbow. The workout improves your weight holding capacity and cures wrist pain.

    bulgarian split squats

    How to Do

    • Lift the barbell and place it on the elbow crease.
    • Lower your body until the bar touches the thighs.
    • Come back to the initial position.
    • Repeat a few times.

    Pro Tip

    Your knees must be pushed out. Also, prefer squeezing your core.

    Bulgarian Split Squats

    This workout is another challenging front squat replacement. Bulgarian split squats demand more balance and hard work from the athlete.

    How to Do

    • Place yourself in a deep lunge position.
    • Make a 90-degree angle between your knee and leg.
    • Come back to the starting position. Repeat for the next leg.
    • Repeat several times.

    Pro Tip

    Step away from the bench to work on glutes and keep close to it for quads workout.

    High Bar Paused Squats

    This is a superb replacement as it works on your quad muscles effectively. With this training, your squads will become stronger than ever before.

    How to Do

    • Situate the barbell on the upper traps.
    • Bend down in a squat position.
    • Pause for 2 seconds before going back to the start position.
    • Repeat several times.

    Pro Tip

    Wear shorts for squats while performing this exercise and perform deep squats.

    General Tips

    While performing front squat variations, keep in mind the general tips as follows:

    • Donโ€™t let your knees go forward than the toes.
    • Pull up the shoulders to strengthen the core.
    • Keep the head upright.

    Final Word

    Whichever exercise you choose, itโ€™s always important to have a balance and be mindful. Donโ€™t overdue on the workout and listen to your body. Bear in mind your form and health!

    We hope that the article helped you learn a lot about the front squat alternatives. These workouts are highly beneficial for muscles and bones. So, when are you trying them out? Do tell us!

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