• Gym Etiquette: 23 Unspoken Rules Every Gym Goer Should Know

    31 Jul 2019

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    Seeing how gym is a public place, we must not forget about common decency and etiquette, in order to keep things peaceful, welcoming and even safe. Many might think that knowing the etiquette is something only newcomers need, seeing how people that go there area already familiar with these rules. Isn’t that right?… Actually, no. In fact, the more you go to a certain gym the more you tend to relax in the environment and sometimes neglect or don’t keep in mind certain rules. However, rules are made for a reason, and we must not forget about them in order to enjoy the gym experience ourselves and let others enjoy it as well.

    So let’s take a look at some of these rules many people don’t know, forget or just ignore:

    1. Stick to the Rules

    The moment you enroll a training at a particular sports center, the first step is getting an overview of the place. Keep an eye mainly its do’s and don’ts. It’s a public space where both rules of the gym and common sense apply. The number one basic gym etiquette is following those rules.

    Keep the Noise at a Minimum

    2. Keep the Noise at a Minimum

    Shouting, chatting, or making loud sounds is inappropriate behavior in the gym. While exercising try keeping the noise to a minimum, which means no grunting or huffing as it annoys your fellow gym-goers.

    3. It’s Not a Competition

    Sports centers are places we go to get our fitness/health game in check. However, not everyone has that same goal. Some individuals visit gymnasiums for show-off sessions, and may even harass and/or bully others. Don’t be that person. You’re not there to compete with others or show off, this is a crucial workout etiquette.

    4. There’s No Compromise When It Comes to Cleanliness

    Nothing is more annoying, like finding dirty equipment. Not only does it take time from your training since you’ll have to start by cleaning it, but it’s also gross and potentially dangerous for your health. We all get sweaty when exercising, but it’s not a justifiable reason to leave the bench or any other machines all sweaty and unclean. That applies to both personal hygiene and any machines you may use.

    Learn to Share

    5. Learn to Share

    If you’re don’t like sharing, then a public training space may not be such a good idea. Proper etiquette in the training grounds requires that we are willing and ready to share equipment if you’ve been on it too long, and other people need it too.

    6. Come With a Partner

    It’s not acceptable that you get to the training ground and start asking people if they can train with you. Out of politeness, they’ll agree but it’s not very comfortable and may feel out of nowhere. So best bring a friend or fellow gym enthusiast, that would like to help you.

    7. It’s Not the Place to Answer Your Private or Business Calls

    Keep the calls at a minimum. Some people will hold sensitive and private phone calls, which no one is interested in listening to. Be aware that it’s annoying and distracts those seriously going about their routine.

    8. It’s Never Polite to Say No

    As mentioned in gymnasiums, it’s hard to get a “no” response. It’s polite to say “yes” whenever someone asks to train with you or borrow equipment. You may not necessarily agree with what they want, but it’s necessary to give a polite and civilized response. Be kind and people will return the favor!

    The Locker Room is a Public Shared Space

    9. The Locker Room is a Public Shared Space

    Don’t expect to find locker room etiquette signs posted with all the rules, since all of them are pretty much common knowledge. Don’t spread all your belongings on a bench or any other place in the locker room, don’t harass and annoy other people and keep it to yourself.

    10. “Selfies” Are Okay but Don’t Overdo It

    Yes, we get it you’ve achieved your milestones or look amazing. But that is no reason to take a million and one ‘selfies’, keep photo sessions limited. Otherwise, you’ll be distracting others, and it’s not a safe practice.

    11. Practice Gym Shower Etiquette

    Follow basic gym shower etiquette. You may be a very private person and shy dressing in a locker room full of strangers. Regardless, that isn’t a valid reason to dress in the shower, especially when there’s a line waiting to use that same bathroom.

    12. After Use Return Equipment to Their Proper Positions

    Returning equipment to their proper positions is a basic weight room etiquette. That means that after you use, let’s say, dumbbells  – put them back where they were.

    Don’t Drop the Dumbbells

    13. Don’t Drop the Dumbbells

    Although there’s an exercise routine that requires dropping dumbbells, this practice is not always acceptable. Not only it’s dangerous, but it might distract others because you’ll be making a lot of noise.

    14. The Gymnasium is a Working Space, Let’s Keep It That Way

    The exercise room is a serious training space, and chatting is unnecessary. Holding minimal conversations is okay, but constant chatting is not allowed. You came to workout, not talk.

    15. Follow the Fitness Center Safety Rules

    You can’t compromise on gym safety rules. Therefore, don’t ever ignore or take them lightly. It’s safe but can equally be a dangerous place, since there’s a lot of equipment that can cause injury when we aren’t cautious.

    Rules of Dating

    16. Rules of Dating

    Not everyone can make the best home gym, so we have to go to attend the regular one. And we do that in order to train and improv, not dating. Of course, you’re free to make connections and it’s not offensive when you let the other person know you like them. Just be careful of how and when you do it. Don’t interrupt workout sessions and of course don’t harass them.

    17. Laughing At Fellow Gym Goers Is A Big No! No!

    We’re all equal in the gym environment, maybe not in a physical sense, but in social. So never harass those you deem to be less physically inclined or experienced than you. We’re all on our own journey, so it’s essential to be supportive, not rude.

    18. Listen to the Instructor

    Don’t go into full on Diva mode, thinking you know better than the instructor. If you actually do, feel free to question them, just don’t go overboard with the know-it-all attitude. If you feel like the instructor is unprofessional and/or not for you, just choose another one, without any temper tantrums and loud scenes.

    19. Don’t Offer Advice When Not Asked

    Right is sometimes relative. What works for you may not work for another person. Therefore, don’t go around offering advice, especially when it’s not called for. Unless asked, it’s best to keep to yourself and let other people decide what they want.

    20. Public Common Sense Rules Apply

    That means how you use items such as TV or hair drier is important. They should in no way conflict with other people. For example, avoid changing TV arbitrarily or using too much deodorant that makes others uncomfortable.

    Don’t Be a Space Invader

    21. Don’t Be a Space Invader

    One of the top basic gym rules: always keep to your space. If there’s sufficient space available, keep some distance from others, because it’s easy to get hurt training so close to one another. Remember everyone needs that personal bubble, and even if you’re fine with close contact, some people may not feel that way.

    22. Play the Music in Your Head

    Use headphones if you listen to music. Playing loud music is unacceptable. And obviously don’t sing out loud – no matter how good your singing skills are, it’s distracting from the process.

    23. Try Being Loyal

    This is not so much of a gym rule but your own – be determined and persistent in your fitness goals. In the US, 14% of the population is enrolled in a fitness center. However, according to the IHRSA, 80% of them go unused while 50% of new members quit within 6 months. If you don’t feel like going, try to understand why – if it’s laziness, the think about your health and how good you will feel with some hard work. If it’s a gym intimidation or even harassment, try to talk with an instructor and ask for help.

    Gymnasia Decorum FAQs

    Knowledge of all these things comes with time and experience, so why don’t start now, and learn some very important things that will help you make your gym experience worthwhile.

    Why is gym etiquette important

    Why is Gymnasium Etiquette Important?

    A lot of us confuse gym rules with etiquette. That’s because they both have the same goal of keeping a training ground safe and happy place. Basic etiquette rules in the gym make a place acceptable and safe for all.

    Leaving the Weights on the Bar, “Acceptable or Not Acceptable”?

    Yes. However, you must be cautious, since there are rules that your sports center implements and you must follow them. So if some gyms don’t allow that, don’t do it.

    Dropping the Weights, “Acceptable or Not Acceptable”?

    That is debatable. All because when done in the right manner, dropping weights is an excellent exercising routine. However, various training centers hold different views regarding this practice, some places will have no problem while others find it unacceptable. That’s especially with fitness centers in office spaces.

    Can I wear a regular bra to the gym

    Which Bra Type Can I Wear to the Gymnasium?

    Regular bras aren’t forbidden, but a sports bra will be your best bet. Note that every fitness center has its dress code. Therefore, you should consider that when choosing your attire. Modern sports bras are useful because they offer support, prevent boob sagging, offer comfort, and minimize the pain you would have experienced with a normal bra.

    Gym Tights, What Can I Wear Under Them?

    Underwear has to be made of a moisture-wicking kind of material. It is critical for absorbing moisture which would otherwise create an environment perfect for breeding bacteria.

    And that’s pretty much it for all the gym etiquette rules that we at wanted to share. Perhaps you know some others we’ve missed? Feel free to share them with us in the comments, so more people could learn, and make this experienced all the better for themselves and other people!

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