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  • Your Guide to Finding the Best Hiking Gifts for Her

    01 Jul 2020

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    Hiking can be tough alright, but then what do we call getting gifts for hikers when you have no idea of what it entails? Do you find yourself in this shoe? If your answer is yes, then it’s alright because in this article we’re going to show you not just the best hiking gifts, but the best hiking gifts for her.

    All the factors to consider might be a little trickier because it’s for “her”. Maybe she is new to hiking, just not as clueless as you, or maybe she has always been the pro hiker – that’s still not an excuse to not get her the right gift.

    While intentions usually say a lot more than actions, getting her a useful gift is also key. So, before you proceed to get a pair of red sneakers, or the first backpack you find at the store, you really want to be informed that the hiking world is really picky — for very obvious reasons — and sneakers are actually not comparable to hiking shoes. And that’s exactly why you have to read on – so you know exactly what it is you are looking for and get her a present she will truly appreciate.

    How to choose hiking gifts for her

    From how long she has been hiking to how and when she does it, her favorite outfits, colors, and personality – everything plays a role. But exactly how should they be considered? Well, here is how and why:

    • Is she a beginner or a pro in hiking?

    Like all exercises, pros start from beginners. Knowing what class she belongs to will help you narrow down to a list of sensible hiking gifts for her. If your lady is a beginner, you know she is more into primary hiking activities rather than complicated ones. So, getting her hiking gifts relating to basic hiking might not be such a bad idea. Your best hiking gift idea may be among the choices of:

    • Backpack – for every hiker
    • Collapsible water bottle – can be easily stashed
    • Hiking shoes – really durable ones
    Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Backpack
    • 【Upgraded Wet Pocket Design】Venture Pal backpack stands out with more humane design for easy and convenient use. One waterproof wet pocket is added to the main compartment, a zipper on the back of this backpack which led to the internal wet pocket, to better separate sweaty clothes, towels or other personal things after swimming or taking exercise.
    • 【Durable Material】This backpack is made of high quality tear and water resistant nylon fabric,heavy duty metal zippers and enhanced by bar-tacks at major stress points provide long-lasting durability against daily activities.The extra strength provided by the double-layer bottom piece makes it possible to carry more stuff.
    • 【Compact & Comfortable】It weighs only 0.7 pounds, can easily fold into its own pocket for storage,and unfold it when you need it. Breathable mesh shoulder straps with plentiful sponge padding help relieve the stress from your shoulder. The chest clip with a whistle buckle work perfectly to distribute the pack’s weight and keep it steady and centered. A must have for sports , hiking, camping and traveling.
    • 【Large Capacity & Multi Compartment】With 40L storage space, this backpack features with multi-compartment design includes one main zipped compartment, one zipped front pockets and two side pockets. One separator and one small zippered pocket in the main compartment are convenient enough to help you further organize things.Large capacity helps you easily organize all your essential items.
    • 【Purchase Tips】- If there is any problem, just contact with us, we will handle with it immediately.
    Platypus Platy 2-Liter Water Bottle
    • Collapsible, ultralight two-liter 70 ounce water bottle with screw top for camping, day hiking, thru-hikes, backpacking, and travel
    • Weighs just 1.3 ounces, and measures 13.8 x 17.5 inches; collapses and rolls up small enough to fit inside a pocket when empty
    • BPA-free, BPS-free and phthalate-free; food-grade polyethylene lining does not taste like plastic or retain flavors
    • Water bladder has a stable base and stands upright when filled; ideal for toting water and other beverages
    • Accepts Platypus caps and drink tubs; pairs with water filters and can be used with the Platypus GravityWorks water filtration system
    Merrell All Out Blaze Shoes
    • Merrell Omni-Fit lacing System provides a precise, glove-like fit
    • Bellows tongue keeps debris out
    • Molded TPU heel counter for added stability
    • Vibram TC5+ outsole
    • Hollowed lugs for lightness

    Of course, these options are essentials for both pros and beginners, the difference is that pros are definitely into more difficult and risky tasks so a gift in that direction says a lot. You could consider a Paracord bracelet for instance. Not only are they mobile and less weighty, but they can be seen as a replacement for accessories and are really cool hiking gadgets.

    • What season hiking does she prefer?

    Be it Summer, spring, autumn, or winter, hikers hike depending on the hiker. You need to know her most preferred season to give her the most enjoyable gift. Why? Because all seasons are different like their hiking requirements.

    If your lady hikes in summer, her biggest challenge is heat and hence, dehydration. See where the water bottle comes in again? So why not take it to a cooler level by gifting her one that can be easily packed? The collapsible water bottle available at the store has got you covered!

    However, if she hikes in spring, then you should think about getting her something to deal with the bugs or water logs she meets on the way. In this case, a hiking outfit might also serve as a cool gift for outdoorsy women, as long as it’s waterproof. This could include shorts or trousers depending on regional temperature.

    If she happens to hike during winter or autumn, consider hand warmers, hiking socks, and the likes. Stepping into layers of snow, your gifts will aid.

    HeatMax Hot Hands
    • SAFE, NATURAL LONG-LASTING HEAT - Odorless, Disposable, Single-Use Item, Do Not Apply Directly to The Skin. TSA Approved. Made in the USA using domestic and imported materials. No shaking or kneading required
    • TO ACTIVATE - Remove warmer from outer package, shake to activate. Warmer heats up in 15-30 minutes. If heat decreases, expose warmer to air and shake. After use, dispose with regular garbage. Ingredients will not harm the environment.
    • MULTIPURPOSE WARMERS - Single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping your body warm when the temperature gets cold. They’re available in several styles designed for your hands, feet, and body.
    • WHEN TO USE: Tailgating at Events, Outdoor Sporting Events, Hunting & Fishing, Camping & Hiking, Working in The Yard, Jogging or Taking Your Pet for A Walk. Convenient, Compact, Portable.
    • Does she prefer day hiking, long distance hiking, or summit hiking?

    Knowing the hiking she prefers means knowing what to get. Summit hikers require great hiking shoes, trekking poles, ropes, sleeping bags and others.

    On the other hand, Day hiking, and long-distance hiking will as well need camping tents, GPS, hiking shoes or boots, sleeping bags, fitness trackers and of course, a hiking backpack.

    REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag
    • Help Give Back To The Community - With your support, we donate sleeping bags every month to organizations making a difference in communities around the U.S. We're proud to give back, and are unbelievably thankful to our customers for making it all possible. Check out the video on our listing to see our most recent donation!
    • Ultra Lightweight and Easy to Pack - these sleeping bags pack down into an ultra compact bag in seconds. There’s no need to fold or roll it. Just stuff it into the sturdy carrying bag, pull the straps, and it folds down into a small, light two pound package that will easily fit in any backpack.
    • Roomy and Comfortable - at 30 x 71 inches, these sleeping bags are incredibly roomy for any adult or child under 6’1. It’s easy to get in, get out and turn around to find a comfortable sleeping position. The zipper stays closed, and the plush filling means you’ll sleep like a baby.
    • Colors and Designs For The Whole Family - with 12 bright, vibrant colors and designs to choose from, every member of your family will find a sleeping bag they love. And mom and dad can even zip up two bags to create one large super snuggly double sleeping bag.
    • RevalCamp Promise - we strongly stand behind the great craftsmanship of these sleeping bags. If you aren’t satisfied with the comfort, the size, the weight or for any reason at all then just let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a full-refund – no hassles, no delays, no questions asked.
    • Does she need gifts promoting fitness/health improvement?

    Hiking is of course an exercise, and one of the best for a stable health so there are a lot of fitness benefits for a woman going hiking. But what you actually want to know is the right hiking gift that will also strengthen her health improvement journey. Right? So, you can choose once again, the trekking poles. It’s okay if you don’t get how, just know they will help a lot with her cardio. Weights are a good option too; they will assist her in burning calories and keep the fitness game going.

    Hiking gift ideas

    Finally! We get to where you’ve always wanted. What exactly do you get her? Well, it’s written in all the words you’ve been reading so far. But don’t worry, here is the briefing.

    Hiking activities require unique materials, but women hikers require even more specialized equipment. But as you try to find the right hiking gifts for her, here are a list of options. Consider it a cheat!

    • Gadgets! Who doesn’t need good technology? Definitely not the twentieth-century hikers. And lucky you, there are so many cool hiking gadgets to choose from. Survival kits, GPS, headlamps, portable first aid kits, camping stoves; name it, hikers need it. Did I fail to mention watches? If you give her the best hiking watch that can be found with a feminine touch, you’ve simply hit the nail on the head.
    • Comfort essentials like a pocket blanket, hiking backpack, hiking waist bag, sleeping bag, portable water filter, pocket knives, mosquito repellent, and of course, hiking shoes. All these are suitable gifts for backpackers. Just make sure you hunt for durability.
    • Don’t forget the outfit. The clothes are super important because like the shoes, they lay the foundation for her hiking experiences. But cute hiking clothes are even better (because they are cute). To make it even better, hiking clothes for women are specially made for comfort, and as the previous list explained, you know which to go for between shorts, trousers, a t-shirt, hiking skirts, and all there are to choose from.


    Now that you’ve seen the possible gifts for a hiker, and we’ve shown you how, why, and what to choose, how excited are you to deliver your hiking gifts for her?

    We at wish you the very best. But before you go, don’t forget to tell us what you think. Have you made your decision? What will it be and why? Or have you had a similar task in the past? Let us know how it went. The comments section is all yours!

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