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    03 Oct 2019

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    There are so many things to do, and it can be tough to balance between work and private life that a lot of people postpone trips to the gym despite the feeling they are long overdue. If this situation sounds familiar, then we are here to tell you that fortunately, every problem has a solution. Even if you want to do dips at home, worry not because it’s entirely possible.

    People are sometimes unsure about exercising at home because they think it can be tricky to have the same effects as in the gym. Sure, you won’t have all the super-cool equipment if you decide to exercise at home. However, it doesn’t mean the effects will be anything less than when exercising in the gym.

    You can have doubts, certainly! To tell the truth, we had some either, but then we realized that learning how to do dips at home isn’t that hard. We are more than happy to share our discoveries, and we hope you will enjoy the text. Furthermore, if you consider yourself a total rookie in the area of strength training, we assure you will find lots of interesting and useful home gym ideas. Let’s see what we can find out about doing dips at home. Just to remind you, don’t forget to do some pre-workout for men before doing dips at home.

    If you are experienced when it comes to strength training, then there is no need for an explanation of course. This part is more for those who aren’t sure what we are talking about when we mention dips workout. Okay so, if you ever went to the gym, then there is no way you didn’t see guys hoisting themselves up and down relying on the strength of their arms while keeping the legs bent in knees. Well, this is one example of a dip technique. It is essential to say that dip exercise is a compound one that targets a lot of muscles in your shoulders, arms, and chest. This process is happening simultaneously. Nevertheless, numerous variations are designed to work specific parts more. Probably a reason why lots of guys like them is that no matter which variation you choose all muscles used in dips of the upper body are influenced by them. Now, usually in the gym, there are two parallel bars that make it more comfortable in a way, but they aren’t necessary to do dips correctly. People often wonder about ways to do dips at home so let’s look into it.

    What Are Dips

    If you are passionate about exercising and decided to create your home gym, one thing to consider is getting a dip station. It might seem that the list of all the necessary equipment is enormous and it will make you bankrupt, but the truth is that they aren’t all that expensive. There are plenty of solutions out there; you need to search for home gym ideas. Nevertheless, we understand that you can be a bit fed up with the idea of buying every single thing for a dips workout at home. Moreover, there is a question of space that we need to factor in. Many of us live in small apartments nowadays that usually overcrowded and one more piece of equipment can create a mess. If you for whatever reason cannot get dips equipment, there’s no need to get discouraged. There are lots of ways how to do dips without equipment.

    Benefits of Dips

    Benefits Of Dips

    Those who are interested in weight lifting or kind of bodyweight training are usually the ones interested in demanding exercises. Recently we have noticed more and more people doing some variation of dips. The fact that suddenly many people get interested in them makes us wonder what are dips good for. Generally, dips contribute to a significantly stronger upper body, but there are few other benefits of dips that we think are worth mentioning.

    • There is no need to go to a fully equipped gym since it is perfectly possible to do dips at home or in the park, etc.
    • Everybody can do them. Indeed, most beginners are struggling to do even one dip, but it gets better with practice. As you are getting stronger, you find yourself doing more each week. No pain, no gain, right?
    • They don’t work just one group of muscles. Yes, all of these variations are indeed designed to focus on particular muscles more than some other. So for example, if you are focusing on triceps, you are doing dips for lower chest or shoulders less, but it doesn’t mean that you aren’t strengthening them as well. That’s because a dip is a compound exercise created to make the whole upper body stronger.
    • If you do dips at home or in the gym regularly, you will improve flexibility an strengthen the joints and stabilize the muscles. It is important to prevent injuries that can occur during exercise.
    • Doing dips correctly means you are impressively strong so it will be easy to charm someone you like.

    How to Do Dips at Home Without Equipment?

    We can’t say that this is absolutelly unreal and you can’t make dips at home. Of course, you CAN do this, but without any sport equipment your chances to get better results would be lower. However, you don’t need to make just a dips. As we may assume, all you need is a powerful and healthy chests, arms and tricep. And guess what? There are a BUNCH of other excersises that can make your muscles bigger and stronger!

    How to Do Dips at Home for Beginners

    Okay, so we can have two kinds of beginners here. Those who are new to the concept of strength training. The others are lifting weights for a while but hesitating when it comes to dips. To both groups, we can say: stop procrastinating! Dips surely are among the most challenging of all bodyweight exercises and strength training, but once you begin, you will fall in love with them.

    When you are a beginner it is easier to do this exercise when you have a dip bar for home. But if you prefer alternative options then a single chair or kitchen counter will do the job.

    How To Do Dips At Home For Beginners
    • If you are doing the chair dips, make sure that the chair is firm enough, so you don’t get hurt.
    • If you want to do triceps dips, one chair will be enough. For chest dips that are for more advanced trainees, you will need two firm chairs.
    • Sit on the edge of the chair.
    • Hold the edge firmly with your hands and stretch your legs in front of the chair.
    • Then go down slowly using the strength of your hands and dip in front of the seat.

    This is the most common among beginner dip variations. The point is that you do as many repetitions as possible without making a break. Try to increase the number of reps each time you are doing the exercise. When you succeed in doing it 50 reps without a break, you are ready to start with more complicated ones.

    Let us just say that not having an adequate chair shouldn’t be a reason for not doing the exercise. A lot of things, like a couch or a coffee table, will do the job. Those who are just starting with strength training can also opt for triceps dips on the floor that are another variation of dips for beginners. Here is how they are done.

    • Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Your hands should be behind your back.
    • Gently lower yourself using the strength of your arms to be close to the floor and repeat it for 3 to 8 times.

    The goal is to make three sets of 8 repetitions after that you can slowly move towards dips progression.

    4 Best Shoulder + Tricep Excercises for Home & Gym Training

    You may wondering about how to do dips at home. It’s essential for your shoulders, arms and deltas, but there are also a lot of exercises that may be very useful for the same groups of muscles. Let’s take a look at the best:

    Standing Dumbbell Press


    Raise your arms with the selected weight to shoulder level, turn your palms forward with your fingers. Squeeze the dumbbells up and take them slightly behind your head, and then lower them to the starting position and repeat. Also, you can use any weights instead of dumbbells, if you haven’t them at home.

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    Triceps Dips on Chair

    To make this exercise, you need to find a sturdy chair or a bench. In a pinch, you can use stairs or another stable elevated surface. Sit on your seat or seat with your arms next to you and your feet should be separated on a hip level. Position your hands so your palms are down close to your hips. Your fingers should hold the front of the chair. Push your torso ahead off the seat with your arms broadened. Your buttocks ought to drift over the floor and your knees should be somewhat bent. Your heels should contact the floor. Gradually bring down your body, pivoting at the elbows until each structured a 90-degree point. Blow out as you come to your beginning position with your arms completely expanded. Complete the activity 10 to multiple times for your first set.

    Handstand push-up


    Stand in a handstand with your feet on the wall. Bend your elbows, lower yourself down and touch the floor with your head. Squeeze yourself back and repeat. Place your head on the floor more carefully: careless movements can damage your neck.

    To make the exercise easier, place something under your head, such as a rolled blanket or a few big books. To complicate things, place firm support under your arms.

    Perform as many times in the set as you can. Do 3-5 approaches, judging by how you feel.

    Standing Bench Press


    Take the weight on your chest, bring your elbows forward, tighten your abs, buttocks, legs. Squeeze the bar up, lower it back and repeat.

    When the bar passes your face, do not lift your chin up, but squeeze it in yourself: this way the bar will follow the optimal trajectory.

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    How to Do Dips at Home for Triceps

    How To Do Dips At Home For Triceps

    What you should know about tricep dips is that this is quite a basic dip technique but a useful one. Doing them doesn’t just strengthen the triceps but shoulders as well. Therefore, your arms are generally becoming stronger.

    You need only one stable chair or a kitchen counter to do them at home. But if you aren’t sure about the chair you can use a bench or some other sturdy piece of furniture.

    It is the same as with the machine, except that it is much easier for beginners. The reason for this is that with machines or bars you are raising your entire body while when you are using the chair, you use just part of your body weight.

    Following exercises are similar to what we explained about dips for beginners.

    • Put your palms on the edge of a chair or bench. They must be shoulder-width apart.
    • Sit on the edge and then slide from it while your legs are extended in front.
    • Stretch the arms, however, they must be a bit bent in the elbows. This way, you ensure to maintain the tension in triceps and not elbow joints.
    • Then gently lower your body by bending the elbows. The goal is to reach a point where your elbows are at 90 degrees.
    • After that, again straighten the elbows and lift your body back up. With this, you did one dip.

    You should be able to repeat it ten times before you start thinking about progress.

    How to Do Dips at Home for Chest

    How To Do Dips At Home For Chest

    It is essential to say that when you take a look at chest dips vs. tricep dips you surely notice that chest dips are much more demanding and require greater strength. When you want to do dips at home to build the chest muscles, you will have to use a slightly different approach, it’s better to use parallel bar dips.

    Buying a dip station is a great solution, but if you can’t invest in equipment, then you can make a homemade tricep dip machine with two chairs or another piece of furniture.

    There are a lot of playgrounds that have kind of an outdoor gym section. If you prefer to work out in the fresh air, search for a park that offers this opportunity.

    If you have decided to use chairs remember, that they must be a bit more than shoulder-width apart.

    • Your palms should be on brackets and elbows wide open so that you can lean forward.
    • The knees should be bent at 90 degrees.
    • From this position lower yourself slowly until your bottom part of the chest is at the same level as the top of chairs.

    When you can repeat three sets of 10 dips, you can progress.

    If you are using the kitchen counter, you will see that the corner that connects two parts works best. Just place hands on each side and go up and down. Keep your knees bent.


    We are sure that by now, you feel attracted to the idea of doing dips and home. Wait just a bit more before you start your journey of becoming like a man of steel. We have a few more things to explain so you can enjoy the full effects of your new favorite workout.

    Can I Do Dips Every Day?

    We believe that when you discover a new exercise that makes you feel good, you get hooked and you want to do it daily. However, if you want the maximum effect, the best way to build strength is to do various exercises that are designed to work different muscles for the balanced development of the muscle tissue. When you are working out, your muscles are under a lot of pressure, and they need at least 24 hours, but many say even 48 hours to recover and grow properly. This is called rest period, and it is required for every exercise regardless of the muscle group its targeting and the same way for dips. No matter how appealing they are, make sure to make at least one full day break between your sessions.

    How Many Dips Should I Do?

    That really depends on you’re your strength in general and what you want to achieve. When you are a novice in strength training, you will probably have problems doing one single dip. If this is the case, don’t worry about it. If you really want to do dips at home or in the gym, just keep building your strength using other ways as well and come back to dips after a few months. Then remember, they shouldn’t be done daily at all. Try doing them every 3 days or so. Your first goal can be to do a set of 5 – 10 dips, then slowly progress by increasing the number of sets and slowly reps.

    What Muscles Do Dips Work?

    what muscles do dips work

    As we already discussed, they are exercises that are designed to strengthen the upper body, focusing mainly on shoulders, arms (triceps) and chest. Various techniques are targeting a specific group of muscles worked by dips, but it is essential to emphasize that they regarded as a compound exercise. This means that even if a variation is centered on particular muscles, for example, triceps it is not possible to do tricep dips without also strengthening chest and shoulder simultaneously.


    Most people who are not experienced trainees, and who are unsure of their strength level give up on the idea of doing dips before they even gave them a try. Our idea with this text was to show you that the fact they are demanding doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do them. Additionally, we believe they are a fantastic part of strength training and should be reserved only for those super trained bodybuilders. Therefore, we hope that we managed to encourage you to try to do dips at home or in the gym and we are looking to hearing back from you. In the meantime, we want to remind you that always prepares interesting articles. If you are interested in topics related to strength training and bodybuilding, then you are welcome to read about hemp protein powder reviews and recovery powder.

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