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  • Getting Back Into Running: What`s the Plan?

    24 Dec 2019

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    People are usually saying that a key for learning how to start running again after a long break is in the discipline. What we mean is that it needs to be incorporated in your daily routine, to become a habit. Otherwise, it will not work. Reasons for temporary cessation from running are numerous. We are talking about work or school obligations or injuries as well as many other things. As we all know, getting back in shape is often complicated. But let’s not get confused it’s not the break itself that creates a problem.

    A lot of people lose motivation when they are suddenly stopped in their tracks. It usually happens because people feel like they are out of shape. Also, they stop believing that getting back where they were before this break is possible. This counts for many sports, but it seems that runners have a particular problem to get back into running after a long pause. Our findings show that getting back into running after a week or two isn’t a difficult workout. However, if the break is longer, then finding an adequate way to start running again gets slightly daunting.

    how to start running again after a long break

    Funny thing is when we are talking about this activity; it is important to know that there are two kinds of people. There are “natural born runners” and those who are not. For the first group, this sport is kind of a lifestyle and something they fully enjoy. Therefore, for them, it is super easy to get back into it. The other group is those people who put a lot of effort so it can become a part of their daily routine. They can become super-enthusiastic when they get used, but then they are dealing with obstacles before learning how to get back into running.

    Then, why it is so complicated that you feel like you are forcing yourself to Make a Comeback to Running. Many people think it is just about willpower, but in fact, there is a bit more into it. This activity is all about being in good shape. Everybody knows that runners are usually healthier than non-runners. Certainly, beginner runners experience plenty of difficulties. However, when the first results kick in, we become proud of ourselves and our desire for being active grows. Then, for example, the cold season begins, and you make some months-long breaks. However, more than that, you also stop attending the gym or swimming pool.

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    Cold weather often makes us lose motivation, and we postpone everything until spring. Everything is perfectly fine if you do continue in spring, but the thing is that maybe you gained a few kilograms. You are slightly out of shape, and running after winter seems difficult. Also, when this gap is too long, many people think that there is no way they can get back in shape again. Therefore they become a bit depressed because figuring out how to start running after a long break isn’t that simple.

    The important thing is that you are not the only one who experienced this issue, and there are ways of finding out how to start running again and overcoming the obstacles. Before we continue, we would like to remind you that the best cheap running shoes are essential for achieving the results that you desire.

    Many people who have a desire to keep on wonder: What is the fastest way to get back into running shape? But these kinds of questions that are focused on how long does it take to get in running shape aren’t a good starter to get back into running. There is no point in asking these questions because a universal answer doesn’t exist. It all depends on how long you could run before making a break, how many years you ran, what is your overall condition, what was the reason for this pause, etc. Someone who was active for ten years and then made a break for a year will have an easier time getting back to running than someone who did it for one year and took a year-long break. That’s because people who have been long-time runners have more aerobic strength.

    return to running plan

    Let’s see how to get in running shape. The best way to start running is by creating a running training plan. If you are wondering how to get back into running after years, focus on developing this habit again. It’s not important how far, or fast you ran. Having an adequate routine is what counts most.

    Before people get back into running, they should be able to walk for 45 minutes nonstop without any issues.

    People with flat feet should get some of the top running shoes for flat feet and try preventing problems this way.

    Follow beginners running schedule if the gap was three months or more. Start by alternating between running and walking. Begin from as low as 10-30 sec running and 1-2 walking and as high as 6-8 minutes running and 30 sec- 1 walking. Then, slowly move towards your goal.

    According to running training tips, you should run 3 times per week, giving your muscles enough rest time. In between, do Cross Fit training if you want some activity on these days as well. Run/walk at 30 minutes per session twice per week and once 40 minutes.

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    Running After Injury

    running after injury

    Sometimes your break can be caused by some injury. Then after recovery, you may want to get back into running but go slowly despite how good you feel.

    Keep in mind that if you are thinking about running after being hurt some things require attention. First, try walking for 45 minutes nonstop and see if there is any pain or discomfort. We recommend doing this for at least 2 or 3 days before figuring out how to start running again. Then think about how long is the gap. If a break was longer, it would be more difficult to get back into running shape. If the gap was for just a couple of days, then you will be able to continue at your normal pace. If it lasted longer, you have to take care. After long layoffs of several months, people need to take things slowly and alternate between walking and running. At first, walk more and run less and slowly change like when you were at the beginning.

    Running Training Tips

    There are a few running training tips that we would like to share. This way, your running program will be more enjoyable. They might appear as tips for beginners but bear in mind that a lot of them apply well also after having a break.

    running training tips
    • Develop a habit again
    • Go slowly
    • Follow a previously created plan
    • Don’t impose hard to reach goals
    • Forget about distance
    • Keep a positive attitude
    • Do other training like weightlifting or Crossfit


    This is one of the best exercises as it comes with lots of benefits from helping you maintain a healthy weight to improving significantly cardiovascular health. That’s the reason why so many people include at least 30 minute run in their weekly exercise routine. And it is not so difficult to get back into running even after a long break. You just need an adequate good plan. The results will come sooner than you think. We want to remind you that always has interesting texts are texts about the best running belt and best Nike shoes for women.

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