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    23 Dec 2019

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    Even people who are not very keen on being engaged in some sports these days begin to think more about physical health and getting more exercise. Because of modern lifestyle most of us spend a lot of time sitting and eating junk food. The decision to change some of your habits is one of the best you made in your life. However, you noticed that the initial excitement dwindled a bit since you joined a gym. So what happened? Did you see all these muscular guys with bulging veins? We completely understand how you feel. Indeed, seeing many people with veins popping out makes you want to have them too. Then you start to work out more and intensely. And you begin to notice how muscles are growing on a weekly level, but there is no change in terms of vascularity. By then, you will surely start to wonder how to get more vascular?

    Some people get really confused regarding vascularity. They have the image of the veiny hands of people who are doing some cumbersome manual work. These mental pictures makes us think that the veins are expanding because of a hard life. But all this promotion of bulging veins in arms and other body parts, on the other hand, sends out a message that it is healthy and desirable to increase vascularity.

    We consulted numerous experts and bodybuilders to figure out what makes your veins pop out and how to get more vascular if this is something you want.

    What does being vascular mean

    All of us who saw bodybuilders know how it looks like when you become vascular but let’s see what it means. The word vascular meaning is connected with all those vessels in our body that are responsible for carrying blood. We can say that being vascular means that your body is like a roadmap. That means that all of your veins pop out and are easily visible. To get a clear picture, try to imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stalone.

    If you find yourself among those who want to know how to make your veins show more there are different factors that need consideration. It’s important to emphasize that genetics plays an important role here. So some people can make veins more visible with less effort and faster than others. That is, unfortunately, something that we cannot change.

    The good news, however, is that there are many other things like foods that increase vascularity. Besides, there are things considered to be vascularity supplement that speed up your process of achieving desired results.

    Is it Good to Be Veiny?

    This is an eternal question between those who are starting to be more serious about bodybuilding or similar exercises. Let’s try answering this question first by looking into what causes vascularity. Mentioning vascularity people are talking about the vascular system. It is a system of blood vessels; such are arteries and veins that carry the blood to and from the heart.

    Arteries feed the muscles with blood giving them substantial energy while veins carry the blood back to the heart. The outflow in veins is slower than one in the arteries, which increases the pressure and results in popping veins.

    So as you can see it all about circulation, nothing else. Now about the questions, is it right to have those bulging veins in arms and other parts of the body. Well, it is a sign of remarkable fitness and excellent blood flow. It also means that cells in the body receive proper nutrition ad that there is an adequate muscle fat ratio. This means that you have much less fat in your body.

    It is not easy to say whether being veiny necessarily means that you are healthy. On the one hand, seeing all those well trained and lean guys in the gym makes us think that they are healthy. Therefore we readily conclude that being veiny equates to being healthy. However, there are as always, things that ask for caution. Keep in mind that extreme vascularity can be a sign of a health problem as well. For example, your blood vessels can begin to swell if your body starts retaining water because of the increased secretion of cortisol or the production of aldosterone. Those who are interested in how to get more vascular are surely happy to hear enhanced vascularity is considered as good. However, it won’t hurt you if you check with your doctor whether your enormous veins are signs of exercises or something else.

    Vascularity and Genetics

    Vascularity And Genetics

    There are some things you can do to increase your vein size. Nevertheless, genetics still has a massive role in determining how vascular you will be. Genetics also has a say about the thickness of your skin, body fat levels, hormone secretion, and so on. This shouldn’t discourage you in your endeavors to figure out how to be more vascular nevertheless. Indeed, we cannot deny that some people have better genetics. It is not just the case with vascularity. Some people age slower; some don’t gain a kilo immediately after eating a slice of pizza, and so on. But, there are things that you can do to improve vascularity even when you are not genetically veiny. You can control your weight and body fat levels, for example. Keep in mind that if you want to know how to get veins, the first rule is to reduce body fat.

    How Body Fat Percentage Affects Vascularity?

    How Body Fat Percentage Affects Vascularity

    We already mentioned a couple of times, but here it goes again because it is vital to remember. The leaner you are the chances to have a real roadmap on your body are higher.

    You know we can say that it can be rather funny to ask how to become more vascular because each of us is vascular like everyone else. What we mean is that veins are there whether we see them or not, same as muscles. Now how to make veins more visible is another story. It’s the same as with muscles. If they are covered with layers of fat, they won’t be visible. Everything over ten percent of body fat will make your journey to becoming vascular hard. To paint a picture, someone with 15% or more body fat won’t have any visible veins. If you decrease it to 12%, they will start appearing, but if you managed to get the fat level under 8%, then your body will be covered with vein roads.

    How Blood Vessel Size & Vasodilation Affects Vascularity?

    How Blood Vessel Size & 
Vasodilation Affects Vascularity

    Don’t you love that medical terminology that sometimes confuses you even more? Okay, so vasodilation is a widening of veins and arteries. Opposing to it is vasoconstriction; this is when the vessels become narrow. It is useful when your veins dilate because that implies better blood flow. Now there are two situations when vasodilation occurs: when you are exercising and at rest. When you are lifting, for example, your heart pumps faster, increasing blood pressure and causing your veins to pop out. And when you are exercising regularly then because of the constant vasodilation, your blood vessels can stay also dilated at rest.

    How Water Retention Affects Vascularity?

    How Water Retention Affects Vascularity

    If you want to know how to get more vascular, you need to become informed about water retention and what it does to your body. Water is essential for us, but we need to find ways to reduce this water and electrolytes that our body tends to store for cases of emergency. A lot of very active people get veiny arms, and veiny hands and other parts of their bodies are becoming vascular quickly. Even if people figure out how to get vascular arms, muscles, and veins in the lower abdomen usually stay invisible due to the fluid and excess sodium retention.

    Tips to Increase Vascularity

    As you remember, we mentioned genetics as one of the main factors that determine how vascular you are going to be. But we also said that there are other and now we will talk about some tips for improving vascularity.

    Take Supplements for the Pump

    When you want to get more vascular, one way you can help yourself is by taking some vascularity supplement. There are natural and safe supplements that you can use such are nitric oxides like L citrulline, beetroot juice, and amino acid as L arginine. These are natural vasodilators so they will increase your blood flow while working out. Also, being slightly hyper hydrated and eating carbohydrates can help. You can also try out all-natural hemp protein powder as it is proven as an excellent vasodilator. Try avoiding supplements that come with caffeine because they produce only short term effects.

    Lower Your Cortisol Levels

    Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress and low glucose level. The problem with it is that it can cause water retention if it too high. You have to make sure to eat well and reduce stress for lowering cortisol in your bloodstream.

    Tips to increase vascularity

    Balance Your Salt and Potassium Intake

    Salt is one of the biggest culprits for water retention. If excess water is a reason why you can’t get as vascular as you would like, be sure to cut down on sodium intake.

    Potassium, on the other hand, is a vasodilator and enhances the blood flow; thus can be beneficial.

    Drink Enough Water

    When you don’t drink enough water, your body starts to think you don’t have access to it. If this happens, it goes into a safety mode and starts to retain water. For prevention drink at least a gallon of water daily, and if you are additionally active, add more to your daily consumption.

    Do Your Cardio

    Many weightlifters avoid cardio training, but they shouldn’t in fact because it promotes circulation and dilates blood vessels. Also plays a vital role in decreasing fat levels assuming you don’t intake more calories to compensate for what you have spent during the workout. To burn excess fat, you can also use good fat burners like green tea extract.

    The Takeaway

    We hope that you enjoyed the text and found answers on how to get more vascular. Some people appreciate vascularity as a sign of good overall shape, while others also enjoy the fact that it is regarded as attractive. Whatever are your reasons we are hoping that you found the answers to your questions? We want to remind you that you can read on many other things, for example, text about recovery powder.

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