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  • Going to the gym: what to know before your first day?

    24 Dec 2019

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    The fitness scene calls for lots of commitment and devotion to realize your desired goals. The initial step is getting through the gym’s door. Well, if you’ve done this, you deserve a pat on the back. With us are the leading gym tips for beginners to help you out!

    Why Warming Up is Very Important and How to do It Properly

    How to start going to the gym is a challenge for most individuals. Looking at the bright side of what the ultimate gym life has to offer, you’d wonder why individuals deny themselves a healthy life. Working out to get fit ought to be your topmost priority. Among tips to start guys should acquire, best men’s gym clothes as a motivation to begin. Whichever the case, either for beginners or you headed back after a long day’s work, our team has come up with an excellent approach to the fitness scene.

    Beginner gym workout can be stressful at times and calls for some top motivation to get you in the mood. Well, this doesn’t come easy as it might sound. The fitness scene calls for some dedication and commitment spiced with a basic workout plan. Gym for beginners; the first day at the gym requires some preparation.

    How do I motivate myself to go to the gym

    Moving forward, we’d like to first congratulate you on taking this significant step of making it your initiative to strive for fitness, for as it is, health comes first. There are more than enough reasons on how to start working out at a gym, and mental health is fundamental. The initial steps to working out can be stressful, and one could use all the motivation they can get to ease the process.

    To get you the motivation you need for this significant step on how to start working out at a gym, here are gym tips for beginners;

    • A Selfie or Two

    One great feature about fitness is that it’s all in mind. The brain can get lazy at times, and you could help with some motivation to convince your brain otherwise. There’s the aspect of progress when it comes to how to exercise. A good practice would be to take pictures and be able to track your body and measure how far you’ve come. Taking selfies is a great gym tip for beginners as it’s arguably one of the best motivation factors. Throw on your best gym shorts and a gym towel hanging by your neck, then capture that moment from all angles as you’ll need that memory in a few weeks to come. A polite reminder of how far you’ve come. This should be done in a three-weeks spacing to track and notice the progress effectively.

    • Plan your Time

    With all the motivation you can get, to build a workout routine is among the preliminary steps one ought to take. And like when you decide to include a new habit or practice as part of your daily routine, you’re to create time and fix it. The same applies to how to start working out for the first time. This calls for dedication and commitment to achieve a desired outcome in the fitness scene.mental and physical health is primarily the basics you ought to strive. It mostly works in the morning hours, and good practice would be to plan out your mornings effectively. You could begin by preparing your morning coffee for the morning fitness run and some reward breakfast smoothie once you’ve completed your workout routine.

    Scared Of The Gym?

    Scared individuals often end up not complying with their fitness routine. The gym environment is more often than not intimidating, especially for extremes. It mostly affects obese individuals, overweight, or just people who lack experience in matters about the gym. We all need a safe space for judgment but also need to keep in mind that it doesn’t always work the same for everyone. How to start going to the gym is a significant step, and being scared can be a substantial setback in realizing this. This begs the question, what are you doing about it? Sure, you might be scared of fellow gym members judging you.

    Scared to Work Out in a Gym

    Scared to work out in a gym stems from the aspect of what to do at the gym. Over time, you’d come to appreciate that most individuals in the gym tend to focus more on themselves, and this is with no exceptions.

    An excellent approach to help you curb the issue of being scared is to opt for cardio machines for a start. This goes a long way to help you build your confidence and comfort, and you can now move on to get some weights just by the corner of the gym room and get on with your workout routine.

    You need to keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere, and therefore appreciating the road to fitness can be a significant step to help you overcome the scary. The whole essence of why individuals start going to the gym is to get stronger or healthier. It goes a long way to help with confidence issues and a good physique. The gym is for people chasing a good look and therefore don’t be scared of the people you meet there.

    Might you as well be scared of going to the gym alone? This can be an issue, but we’d advise you to get in touch with the personal gym trainers to offer any necessary help you might require. Remember, you’re paying for the gym services, and therefore value for money just as well count. With time you’ll master and understand how to set the gym equipment, and you’ll be better off knowing how to enjoy working out alone.

    Nonetheless, accept that some individuals at the gym will suck, and this is something you ought to make peace.

    How Often To Go To The Gym

    How to Build the Routine of Going to the Gym

    How often should I go to the gym is a question most beginners tend to ask and happens to be a challenge for most individuals. You can’t possibly appreciate the results without the process. The road to fitness is a demanding one, and understanding how your body is principal in helping you achieve your desired fitness.

    A daily gym routine can be exhausting. But despite all, how much should you exercise as a beginner, depends on your preference and flexibility. Consider going for full-body workouts always as they’ll cover the whole body fitness. Therefore, all the body muscles will be taken care of. It works well as compared to alternating cardio with weight training as it calls for frequent workouts. Ideally, one is expected to attend the gym workouts at least thrice per week within between off-days. Strive for workout schedules that run from the beginning of the week and concludes by the end with the in-between skips for a body day rest after each daily workout.


    For the busy kind of individuals, for instance, single-parenting happens to quite demanding in almost every aspect. And therefore, once weekly workouts would do just fine. There’s also the question of how long do you need to work out to see results? It happens to work differently depending on your desired outcome or the pre-existing goals you’re chasing. For those doing athletic and cardiovascular workouts, then you’ll have to hit the gym more often than not for you to see results. In such exercises, consistency is crucial in realizing positive and fast results. Keep in mind that the results might not be immediate as our bodies tend to respond differently to the workout stimuli. But you can also reach out to your trainer and come up with an effective plan based on your body that will boost faster results. Don’t be too anxious for the results and end up missing out on the nuances of athletic gym training.

    Personal Gym Trainers

    Personal gym trainers can be an excellent source to help push your limits and see your workout results sooner than expected. For gym beginners, knowing about personal trainers can be a significant step to help you go for the best. But best believe, as a preliminary step before you start using the gym, you’re to be well aware of the goals you wish to achieve during the workout routine. It goes along to help determine the cost of the training program and the number of weekly sessions.

    Everything You Need to Know About Personal Trainers

    If for some reason you’re looking to hire a coach, here are some high considerations you should make:


    How experienced is the coach you’d wish to retain? Experience ranges from the specific specialties to those involving factors like medical conditions, sports, age, and physique. Like for instance, an individual who’d want to go for cardiovascular gym training sessions would opt for a personal trainer with experience in medical conditions. Good idea, reach out to the personal trainers, and inquire about their levels of expertise and specialty to settle for one that satisfies your goals.


    You also need to appreciate that human beings are different in terms of their perspectives, and this goes a long way to determine their approach towards the training program. It’s a matter of opinion and nothing to stress. Therefore, asking them on some of their views on the issues related to diet, health, and training can help you settle for the best suiting trainer. You’d come to find that some personal trainers are quite specific even on workout shoes for men to wear, and this might not concur with your preferences. Knowing such can help avoid petty indifferences.


    You are well aware of the cup of tea you drink. Why settle for less or mediocrity and yet you can do your research well and enjoy the best gym experience. As humans, we ought to appreciate that people do things differently and that we might not get along mostly. What’s a preference when it comes to being pushed to the limits to achieve productive and desired results? Some prefer positive reinforcement while others would be down for a gym trainer that screams at them. Some prefer strict business when attending training sessions, and others that would be down for a ride full of enjoyment. It all boils down to your preferences and the time spent with your hired coach. Therefore, take your time and make the right choice here.

    Day One at the Gym

    What happens on the first day, once you start going to the gym. When it comes to how to start working out for the first time there are fundamental tips to start working out you’re to be aware of;

    first day at the gym
    • Teach yourself a simple psychological technique that should assist you to overcome the feeling of being judged
    • Familiarize yourself with what to carry to the gym and the gear
    • Know the gym etiquette
    • Work out terms in the gym that will form part of your training program
    • Short workouts for motivation

    You got this!

    You can always ask for guidance from the gym instructor. And just maybe, tours around the gym to identify your favorite exercising spot. If you miss out on a personal tour guide, then take up the mantle and walk around the gym, look closely and appreciate how the treadmill works then join the suit.

    Quick tip

    How to join a gym on the first day, strive for confidence, believe in what you’re doing and then thank us later

    The Essence of the Warm-Up Routine

    This is a significant step at the gym that is most times overlooked. You’d find most individuals skipping over a proper warm-up, stretch and cool often and wonder why they don’t feel ready to face the training. Among the many essential benefits of warming up include

    • Prevents injury through the blood-pumping action that lowers the chances of muscle pulls and joint trauma
    • Helps pick your strength and focus
    • It has physical and mental benefits
    • Ready your muscles for the training program

    The Movements You Need

    Here’s a beginner’s guide to the gym warm-up movements! Once you get to the gym, this is what you should do;

    • Start by rolling your head; in half circles and slow motion. It starts with the shoulder to shoulder; in each direction, do five rings.
    • Go ahead and roll your shoulders in a back and forward motion; ten both ways
    • Maintain a still position for your legs and twist the torso; regularly left then right; ten both ways
    • Quad stretch; each stretch hold for 5 seconds and do three on each side
    • Finally finish by crossing one leg over your chest, same applies for the other one; each for five seconds, thrice
    The Essential Movements You Need

    Once you’ve done this, and you’re all set in the mood for some serious stretching. There’s the action part that now comes in. Preferably, one is, to begin with – the treadmill. Once you’re comfortable with that, you can move on to the rest of the gym workouts, like the weight lifting that involves the dumbbells. And finally, sum it with the gym class hero and that’s it for you.

    The big question is, how much should you exercise? Well, we’d tell you to apply as much as you can. But for the first time once you start going to the gym, stick to the basics of gym training with the help of the gym trainer as you progressively climb up the ladder!

    The Gym Etiquette

    How to start going to the gym calls for responsibility in commitment and principles applied in the fitness scene. Here are some of the gym etiquette opinions you ought to stick by as they’ve proved helpful over time.

    Gym Etiquette
    • Keep the equipment where it belongs
    • Stay alert and be on the lookout for your surroundings.
    • Carry with you a gym towel, and thank us later. Most of the gym equipment is usually dirty, and a sheet could come in handy to help you clean your area of work and save you from the common cold.
    • Clean your area of work once done. Do your fellow gym mates a solid and clean up after you
    • Mind your pictures. Stay discrete while taking selfies and know the limits
    • Avoid hogging the gym equipment. Avoid monopolizing the gym equipment more so the ones your fellow gym mates would die.
    • Mind your talk and keep off gossiping at all costs.

    Approach to the Gym Routine

    It’s been a stretch to go through this whole piece on the gym experience. Well, here’s to sum it up with a straightforward approach to building your routine.

    • Stay focused on your desired goals; this calls for proper planning and strictly abiding by your workout routine
    • Consistency is crucial; maintain the graph of productivity and always strive to make significant progress each time you hit the gym.
    • Be principled; at some point, the motivation will fade, and that will mean if you didn’t create a good foundation on your workout experience, things wouldn’t be okay for you. A right approach would be to pay for your gym sessions on time


    Anxious of the day one experience, if it means anything, then at least fake that confidence for a moment and see what comes of it. And yes, that’s it for you. What more could you still wish to know about the gym experience? The ball now lies in your court. Take up the mantle and hit by your nearest gym today. For more information, you can check

    How was your first day at the gym? We’d like you to share with us some insights?

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