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    25 Nov 2019

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    When you want to not only gain an impressive muscle mass but also lose weight and just stay healthy, you need to supply your body with enough essential nutrients. One of such vital elements is protein, which is especially important if your goal is a good physique. Perhaps this is why the protein powders never truly lost their popularity since they are the most effective, direct source of a clean and great protein. With every year more and more fitness enthusiasts take this great supplement to get the max out of their workout and enrich their body with nutrients.

    So while many wonders “Do I need protein powder?” (yup, unless you consume enough of this element via your daily meals) others already familiarized themselves with the plethora of benefits these supplements have, and now wish to try it. However, this raises some new questions: Can protein powder make you gain weight? Do you drink protein before or after a workout? How much protein should I consume?

    So, we’ve decided to address all these questions and help you learn more about this amazing product, as well as how to use whey protein and what benefits it will give you.

    Now, before we go into answering how to make whey protein or when to drink protein, first we have to be on the same page and have a clear understanding of what whey protein is, exactly.

    What Is Whey Protein?

    What is whey protein

    If you’ve ever seen how cheese is made, you might have seen a yellowish liquid that remains after the milk is curdled and strained. This is whey.

    At first, it was considered a by-product, so naturally, no one even thought that whey can be used as an ingredient for a protein meal replacement. However, with time people started to notice some really great benefits of whey – from feeling good because of good protein supplementation, to reduced hunger and even increased muscle growth.

    And wouldn’t you know it, the moment the whey benefits became apparent, people started to add this ingredient to protein powder for beginners, professionals, as well as many other fitness supplements.

    But, what does whey protein do? Why is it essential?

    Why Do I Need Whey Protein?

    As we mentioned previously, protein is essential for our body element. And given that whey is a rich source of high-quality protein, it supplies your body with nutrients that are essential for muscle development. Whey protein offers all the essential amino acids that serve as the building blocks for protein synthesis necessary for active muscle growth.

    But that is not the only reason why whey proteins are so popular. They also get absorbed into the bloodstream a lot faster, compared to other similar types.

    Types of Whey Protein: Concentrate vs. Isolate vs. Hydrolysate

    There are three types of whey protein – concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. And while all are whey and have its same benefits, these types also have some differences: the nutrients content, taste, how they get digested e.t.c. So let’s take a look at these whey protein types in more detail, and see what benefits they have:

    Types of Whey Protein
    1. Concentrate — This is the least processed type of whey, and it contains more lactose and fats compared to the other types. However, it is also very rich in protein nutrients, that work as good antibodies and increases immunity. Plus, concentrate type is usually considered the best-tasting whey protein.
    2. Isolate — Isolate whey protein is derived by removing some amount of fat and carbohydrates from the concentrate. It is very rich in protein, effective, and digests faster than the concentrated type. However, it is also a bit pricier than the previous type. Usually, isolated whey protein types are the choice of people that want to reduce lactose consumption in their diet.
    3. Hydrolysate — This is the most processed form, completely hydrolyzed, and lactose-free whey. During the process, your body digests this protein and receives some essential enzymes. Hence, as it is pre-digested, this form gets easily absorbed in your body. Hydrolysate whey protein is usually the go-to option for people with milk allergies since the synthesized form is already broken down into the respective amino acids.

    How Much Do I Need?

    How much do I need

    Now, a lot of people wonder – “How much protein should I consume?”. For that, you have to do some math and calculate – you need 0.36 grams of protein/pound of weight.

    And as for how whey much protein powder you need, then about 15 — 20 grams would be more than enough on average. However, if you work out heavily, then you can take about 25 – 30 g.

    Another thing many wonders is “How many scoops of whey protein do I need?”. Here the answer is pretty straight – 1 – 2 scoops will be quite sufficient.

    When Do I Take It?

    There is no strict time when to take whey protein, so here you have total freedom to take it whenever you want. However, as a general rule, most people tend to take whey protein after a workout. That is because when you work out, your muscles get slightly damaged and weak. And whey protein will not only help your muscles recover, but will also stimulate a faster muscle-building process.

    Benefits Of Whey Protein

    As we mentioned earlier, whey protein is has a plethora of benefits, such as:

    1. Weight Loss — Yup, if you ever wondered “do protein shakes make you fat?” – this is your answer. In truth, whey protein does the opposite and helps to lose those extra pounds. That is because this product curbs hunger to a great extent and increases your metabolism.
    2. when to drink protein
    3. Muscle strength and growth — Since whey protein is an excellent source of well… protein, it helps with muscle growth and recovery.
    4. Reduced blood pressure — Several studies have found that whey protein is very effective in reducing blood pressure. That is because whey is a dairy product, and they have been proven to be effective for this matter. Again and again.
    5. Diabetes Prevention — Insulin is necessary to keep the blood sugar levels optimal. Whey protein is found to increase insulin production to moderate the extent of blood sugar in our body.
    6. Antioxidant properties — Antioxidants are necessary to reduce the oxidative pressure in our bodies. Glutathione is an antioxidant responsible for this function produced directly by our body. Its production depends on amino acids like cysteine, which is easily provided by whey protein.

    Side Effects

    Of course, every product has its side effects, and whey protein powder is not an exception. Some of these side effects include:

    Side Effects
    1. Indigestion — Sometimes you may have trouble digesting whey protein and experience bloating, cramps, and diarrhea. This will be especially the case for those sensitive to lactose.
    2. Allergies — If you’re sensitive to lactose as it is, then taking the whey protein high in this element might even cause allergies at some point. That’s why it’s best to go with the hydrolyzed type since it has less lactose content.
    3. Constipation — People who are lactose intolerant will face constipation-related issues because of the reduced movement in the gut. You can fix this by eating more fruits and vegetables, which will increase fiber levels.

    Final thoughts

    And that’s all on how to use whey protein and its benefits folks! All and all, whether protein shakes work for you depends entirely on how you take it. If you follow the right dosage and don’t have any allergies/lactose intolerance, then this supplement will be highly effective whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles and just improve your well-being. Also, remember that the whey protein lose weight strategy works only if you take the right quantity at the right time regularly. And of course, don’t forget about proper nutrition.

    So with that said, we at gym expert sincerely hope that we’ve helped you learn more about how to use whey protein and all that you need to know about this wonderful supplement! So we wish you all the best on your way to your fitness goals and healthy lifestyle!

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