• How to Enlarge the Buttocks and Get Rid of Mom Butt?

    10 Nov 2020

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    Battling mom butt is a challenge most women face after having their first baby. This is such an uncomfortable and disheartening thing that can make you feel very insecure. But don’t worry, there is a way to get rid of this annoyance and get the buttocks you want. And we would love to share it with you!

    What Does It Mean Mom Butt

    First, we need to understand what mom butt means, exactly. Basically, it’s just saggy and flat buttocks, that come as a result of muscular imbalances after childbirth. The front side of your body becomes tight and shortened while the backside is overstretched.

    Why is My Butt so Flat?

    You may be wondering – “Why is my bum getting flatter?” Some experts believe flat butt is hormonal, while some say it’s due to a budge in body position during the pregnancy period. At this time, your abdominal muscles become tight, whereas the glute muscles become weak.

    Possible Ways to Enlarge the Buttocks

    There are several methods that will help you battle the mom butt and enlarge it. You can find a lot of these methods online: from oral pills to surgeries and injections, padded boosting undergarments, and many more. However, how can you know that some of these methods are safe? What if they’re too expensive? And what’s more important, you can’t be 100% sure that these methods will bring you results. The best and safest option will always be to get the bigger buttocks naturally, via exercise. It’s the tried and true method that costs nothing but will bring you results and other benefits, and will improve your well-being.

    Best Exercises for Bigger Butt

    There are a number of exercises that work on your lower body, but we’ve collected only the best ones that will bring you impressive results if done consistently and correctly:

    • Squats
    saggy buttock exercises

    A squat is a strength training exercise that involves both the upper and lower body muscles. Most of these muscles give you power for daily activities such as walking, lifting loads, climbing stairs, bending, etc. Squats strengthen the core, reduce the risk of injury, and strengthen the lower body.

    There are several versions of this exercise; most importantly is to start with bodyweight squat; that’s the most basic, then gradually incorporate weights as you get comfortable.

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    • Hip Thrusts

    The hip thrust is one of the best saggy buttock exercises because it strengthens and increases glute size. If you want that “bump” shape bum, then this is the way to go. Just like squats, you can also start with the basic bodyweight hip thrust that gradually adds on weights. Hip thrust produces higher levels of metabolic stress to the glutes giving you strength and lower back stability.

    • Leg Push Backs

    Leg push backs are a simple exercise that can be done anywhere. It gives power to your hamstring, glute muscles, and, more so, strengthens your core and lower back.

    • Clams

    Adding clams to your exercise routine is a perfect way to strengthen outer hip and glute muscles. To do it the right way you have to:

    • Lay on your side with closed and bent knees,
    • Lift the upper knee, hold it for two seconds, and slowly lower it down to the first position,
    • Repeat both legs several times.
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    • Glute Bridge

    A sedentary lifestyle will most likely weaken your glutes and cause severe lower back complications. And glute bridge exercise helps strengthen named muscles and make the lower back more stable. To do the glute bridge you have to:

    • Lie on the floor facing up.
    • Bend your knees while your feet stay flat on the floor.
    • Lift your hips and squeeze your glutes hard until your shoulders, hips, and knees form a straight line.
    • Dumbbell Walking Lunge

    Dumbbell walking lunge is an improved version of the basic bodyweight lunge. Instead of doing it at a stationary point, you incorporate weights and walk forward by lunging both legs putting more weight on your heels. This exercise helps strengthen leg muscles, hips, glutes, and abs.

    Final Advice

    how to get your butt back

    Mom butt can be a really uncomfortable condition for a woman: it makes you feel insecure and nostalgic for days when your booty was in shape. But there’s no need to feel gloomy, as there’s still hope! The right attitude and hard work will let you achieve anything you want. What’s more, we’re certain that with given exercise you will get an attractive, shapely booty in no time. And of course, don’t forget about proper nutrition! Make sure to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and especially protein, since it’s the building block in the muscles building and development. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian there are plenty of alternative sources of protein and you can even consider taking some protein bars for women , all of these options are delicious and nutritious. Of course, don’t forget about hydration too!

    Keep these tips in mind, and you will get rid of your mom butt, and enlarge it in no time!

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