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    Supreme Toning Tower: A Comprehensive Guide for a Pilates Fan
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    I do yoga and Pilates, and the room is full of hotties...We are pretty sure that you know Madonna’s big hit from the album American Life. But do you know what Pilates is? If you are not sure, don’t worry. Until several years ago we also had just a vague and a rather prejudicial idea, we have to admit! We knew that it is rather popular in the U.S. and that in 2018, around 9.1 million people participate in some type of Pilates training. However, our opinion about Pilates was formed based on the people who promoted it, and as we didn’t value those people, you can imagine we thought very little of the activity itself. Some of you know what we are talking about here, don't you?! But for those who don't, we are only going to say that it is enough to take a glance at the way Hollywood advertises it as a restorative movement. Apart from that, there is also a way how gyms attract, mainly young and mainly women, by sending messages that Pilates will enable them to build sexually attractive bodies. So we had a somewhat cynical approach to Pilates.

    The situation changed, several years ago when we met our friend’s girlfriend - Olivia, who is a fitness and Pilates instructor. She explained that all those things are total misconceptions and nothing more than manipulation of “appropriate” body standards. Marketing aside, pilates is a really fantastic activity created for people of all ages and fitness levels, which brings various health benefits. So safe to say that this statement from Olivia made us reconsider our approach for this activity.

    So, we immediately decided to research this matter and try it for ourselves. Our focus was on doing Pilates at home because the COVID 19 situation made going to the gym impossible. During our investigation, we learned about phenomenal home exercise equipment for weight loss, called the supreme toning tower.

    So, we decided to learn more about it and share our findings with you in the form of these supreme toning tower reviews.

    Choosing the Best Power Tower: A Comprehensive Guide
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    It is impossible to say how it was for politicians and decision-makers in our countries, but we can say that for most of us, the pandemic indeed came as a complete surprise. With all the restrictions, lockdowns, etc., it is little to say that it took a great deal of time to recover from the shock and get our lives in some kind of order. Would you agree?

    Now, this reorganization of life meant different things, and various folks had to deal with different challenges. What was the biggest you faced? We know that for some of our friends with children, the most complex thing was to organize adequate working and studying spaces. It was particularly the problem for those who lived in smaller homes. We however found ourselves trying to overcome a different obstacle. You see, we are the type of people who give a lot of attention to healthy nutrition and exercise. Hence, as you can imagine, before the SARS-CoV-2 arrived, we were trying to spend as much time as possible, working out in the gym. When everything, including gyms, got locked, we found ourselves in a rather unpleasant situation. However, determined to not let this situation interfere with our routine, we’ve decided to order equipment and create our own home gym.

    The biggest obstacle was, of course, the limited space. Our apartment is not what one would describe as small, but all rooms already had a purpose and we couldn't possibly imagine where to put everything. Then thought to buy an adjustable power tower emerged! “A power tower?!", we discussed, "But where on Earth are we going to find a space for it?"! We investigated a bit more about it and concluded that this multifunctional tool will take up far less space than all the other tools we were considering. Thus, we’ve decided to consult some professional athletes, trainers, and gym owners, and made our decision based on their recommendations.

    Now, we wish to share all this knowledge and also help you find only the best tower power, that will bring you great results!

    Best Speed Bag Platforms for Home Use 2021

    If you asked us several years ago, we would tell you that we are in that group of people who exercise because they have to. Honestly, we never really understood all those fitness junkies, who love to have sore muscles and get sweaty! But, as it is clear that by exercising regularly we increase our chances for a long and healthy life. So we tried to keep up with our workouts.

    Our routine included running on the treadmill and working with dumbbells three-four times a week, and we were pretty happy with it. Then, the experience we had two years ago made us realize that exercise has more than only one purpose. At that time, we worked as an investigative journalist, which meant that we often stayed in the office over time. It was late on that particular night when we were, almost, robbed at knifepoint. We say almost, only because one of us had some self-defense training as an older teenager, and managed to kick the knife out of the guy's hand. We ran and quickly jumped in the car.

    This experience made us realize two things. First that, the exercises saved us, and second that we have to not only workout more but differently. So we decided to enroll in a boxing class. It was going well, except for the fact that we couldn't practice at home. Talking with the coach, we learned that it would be smart if we bought the best speed bag, in addition to the workout gloves. Why would we need that, we asked. He advised us that every boxer should have it because it improves speed, eye coordination and teaches us to keep guard at all times.

    And shopping for the bag was not such a challenge! We talked with a coach about our needs and desires, and following his recommendations, we quickly found something that satisfied us. Looking for a boxing speed bag platform, however, wasn’t so straightforward. Still, with help of a coach, other experts, and some articles, after a week or two, we managed to find the one that suited our needs.

    Moreover, we’ve decided to gather and sort out all our knowledge and findings to help you find only the best speed bag platform!

    Find Everything You Need To Choose The Best Parallettes!
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    Buying training equipment for the home gym can be a real nightmare. There are so many things you need to consider: considering which equipment will be best for your goals, purchasing the right clothes and cooling towel to always be comfortable. If you don’t have a lot of experience/knowledge, figuring out which exactly you should get is quite a challenge. Besides, there is the question of cost and space! After all, we are often attracted to buy everything! However, many of us are in a situation that we can’t buy all we want right away OR have space for it.

    So what is the solution? We were also pretty confused until we learned about parallette bars! Not sure you know what they are? Oh, we are pretty positive that you have seen them in gyms and parks, but you probably didn’t know how they’re called. Parallettes are commonly used in gymnastics. They are small, usually come in pairs, and are used when it is not possible to use parallel bars. Although gymnastics is the first thing that comes to our mind when we see them, they have many other uses as well. We found that they are excellent for bodyweight training at home, and that is the reason why we decided to share with our readers these parallettes reviews, to let you know more about this simple but very effective equipment.

    TDS Squat Rack: The Best of Home Gym Equipments
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    With the world becoming increasingly convenient, we all prefer to do even the most strenuous tasks from the comfort of our homes. That is why manufacturers like the TDS Power Rack Company keep finding innovative ways to bring all the comfort you need to your doorstep. And that includes home gym equipment like the TDS squat rack. A squat rack is simply weight training equipment for weight barbell exercises without the regular imposition of movement restrictions. It sometimes comes as an attachment for other fitness accessories.

    The TDS power rack squat rack is popular for being one of the sturdiest and most-versatile fitness equipment on the market. The TDS rack is safe, affordable, and easy-to-use.

    So having only the will bring you a lot of benefits, since one of the most important aspects of it is its safety. It will make sure that your training will be safe, and you won’t sustain any injuries as a result of weight lifting. And to get the max out of this great equipment, you need only the best power rack for home gym. And we wish to help you find it! So we decided to make some research and make our own TDS power rack review to walk you through the TDS rack's know-how, features, and pros & cons.

    So let’s dive in, and learn more about this wonderful equipment!

    Learn About the Differences Between Stepper vs Elliptical
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    By now we know that for a long and healthy life, we need to watch what we eat and develop an exercise routine. Although most of the time it is easier said than done. We tend to get preoccupied with our daily lives, work, children, etc., and we rarely have time to think about these things.

    However, the events that marked the entire previous and the beginning of this year got us thinking more about our health. So we started talking about this with some of our friends to see if they are feeling the same and are they doing something to improve their situation regarding exercise. And truth be told, we were pretty impressed at how many of them firmly decided to work out more and create home gyms.

    So we started to think about what type of equipment is needed. Everyone agreed it is best to start strength training with dumbbells and some bodyweight exercises, but they were all puzzled at which machines are best for cardio. The two that caused the biggest confusion were the elliptical and stair stepper machine.

    That got us thinking, and we realized that we have no clue about the difference between these two machines. They look similar, it appears that they do the same thing, yet they are sold as two completely different pieces of equipment! Are there actual differences between them? Do we need both of them if we want to get the full cardio training? Thus, we decided to investigate to answer these questions.

    We tested both of these machines, talked with experts and browsed through a lot of stepper vs elliptical reviews to find out once and for all, which of them is the best.

    Now, we wish to share this knowledge with you.

    TRX Alternative - Suspension Trainers You Need to Have
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    Wondering how to do suspension training without the TRX system? Here you will find everything you need to know about the best TRX alternative options!

    We know, working out is essential for maintaining good health and shape. Indeed, when you’re just a beginner, you might struggle to find motivation. However, after a while, you discover entertaining aspects of exercise, start to enjoy it. Also, the results that you start noticing make you want to do it more, and you start setting long-term goals and organizing your workout programs.

    But then, the COVID–19 pandemic, kind of messed up workout plans for a lot of people. First, because of the lockdowns and restrictions, it became hard to go to gyms. Second, health experts warned us that gyms are not the safest places to be because of the number of people circulating there; is challenging to meet all the sanitary requirements.

    So people that frequently visited the gym, were forced to create a home gym at home this year. Having exercise space at home is great in any case, but you do need equipment. Now, you might run into a problem because many of these pieces of equipment can be expensive and bulky, which is problematic if you live in a small space.

    One of the most popular pieces of equipment at home is TRX. It’s a good tool for weight training without actually lifting weights. On the other hand, it's rather expensive, and lots of people are not sure if they can afford it. Fortunately, there’s a solution for you if you are on a tight budget! Plenty of manufacturers also make the best tax alternatives. Still, you might be puzzled about choosing the right model.

    That’s where we’ll help! We went through a lot of TRX alternative reviews, and consulted some professional athletes to bring you our little article on this topic. Without further ado, let’s carry on!

    Learn How to Choose the Best Safety Squat Bar
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    When you go to a gym and see folks doing squats, deadlifts, or doing other weightlifting exercises, the first thing you’ll notice is that they’re mostly using dumbbells or barbells. The barbell is most commonly used for heavier lifting, and it is a very popular piece of exercise equipment. It’s undoubtedly efficient when it comes to increasing the size of muscles and building strength. However, the standard barbell can cause some problems.

    Fortunately, this doesn't mean that you should forget about using a bar altogether. Instead, you can try doing your workouts with a safety bar, which proves to be equally effective but way less risky. You need to know that this type of squat bar is pretty different than the straight model. It is not only about the fact that it is safer to use, but there are other things, as well, such as two curves at each end. If you are thinking a bar is a bar and there is not too much to say about it, you are in the wrong. In today's safety squat bar reviews, we are going to talk about the benefits and specific features of this tool and how it can help us to enjoy more our workout sessions.

    Learn About the Best Trap Bar and Enjoy Your Deadlifts
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    If you have enough space, creating a home gym is always a good idea. It’s much more convenient and practical than going to the gym. Not to mention it saves you more money! You can choose anything - treadmill, safety squat bar, dip station, there are so many options! However, you need to choose the equipment that fits our goals. For example, if you’re focused on strength training, you need adequate tools for weight lifting, etc. One of the most popular tools athletes use is a trap bar. And today we'll help you pick the best trap bar there is!

    Some of you might think, okay, but it’s a bar – it can’t be so hard to choose one!

    Well, yes and no! Yes, it’s just a bar, nevertheless, there are a lot of things to consider before deciding the right type to choose. For example, you need to know what muscles this trap bar works, whether you need a standard or Olympic bar, etc.

    All of these questions can be a bit overwhelming for a novice. So we decided to give you all the information you need to make the right decision. We talked with professionals, went through a lot of trap bar reviews to bring you this article. So without further ado, let’s get started!

    Comprehensive Review of Best Pedal Exerciser for Seniors
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    Today’s corporate worlds are dream jobs of many hardworking souls, that wish to reach the magical six-figure bank balance. But there’s a price for everything. Long hours sitting at a desk all day can cause several health issues. So in order to accelerate that lazy immune system you might want to consider a pedal exerciser for seniors.

    A foot pedal exerciser is a cardio exercise equipment that operates through pedaling. They will add life to your too fragile or stiff body. So it’s time to give up your couch and put on those gym shoes. Through this guide, get ready to become fit again amid the busy schedule of life. Let’s get started!