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    See our Top Picks of the Best BCAA for Women (for Vegan Too!)

    Branched-chain amino acid (or BCAA) is instrumental in increasing muscle growth. Whey protein which is often the treasure trove of all the essential amino acids helps in growth of muscles. BCAA also decreases muscle soreness or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) that comes after a day or half after starting a new exercise regimen or working out after a very long time gap. It is tough to find a good supplement, but we had tried to solve your problem by researching the best BCAA for women in 2022. Have a read!

    Best Bicep Workout to Try at Home or at the Gym
    We have to say that our attitude toward exercising kept changing over the years. As younger, we enjoyed playing various sports, and we were good at them. As teens and young adults, we were overwhelmed by studies and we didn't have time for many additional things. Finally, when we began stable in our jobs, we decided to return to the gym. What motivated us? Well, one thing was that we ...
    Best Athletic Tape: Everything You Need to Know
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    It can seem crazy that with the tape on your muscles, you can achieve anything. And it also resembles sci-fi novels, but we guarantee that a tape for athletes is more than useful! Believe it or not, at some point, the best athletic tape can become necessary for many professionals.

    We must admit that when we saw for the first time athletic tape in use, our first association was – yet another hype. We were curious but hesitant to invest in it. As you can imagine, we thought that it would be ridiculous to through money on a tape. However, after some time, we noticed that professionals, such as NBA players, wear this thing. Hence we thought, "Oh well if such professionals use it, there has to be something in it!"

    Considering how many pros sing praises about it, chances it is only a trend look pretty slim. Nonetheless, many are still not aware of all the advantages the best athletic tape has. If you are amongst those people, don't worry! We are here to open all the chapters of this discovery and explain what does athletic tape do to your body.

    SBD Knee Sleeves: An Ultimate Guide
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    If you are going to the gym, you probably noticed people who wear something around their knees, right? Do you know what that is and why they wear it? Until not so long ago, we didn't know anything about the best knee sleeves!

    It is better to say that we thought that we know enough to think that it is just some sort of hype. Generally, we were seeing only people who lift heavy loads wearing them, and it seemed to us that it was a way to show off. But several years ago, we became friends with a woman powerlifter who explained that the sleeves weren’t a fashion detail.

    "Do you need knee sleeves to squat or deadlift with big weights?”

    "No," she said, "But you do need them to protect yourself from potential injuries." In plenty of sports injuries of the knee are most common. If you ask, any sports medicine doctor will tell you that there are far too many tears or sprains of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and other injuries. Knee sleeves, she explained, are designed to improve blood flow and reduce pain. That in turn also speeds up your recovery. More importantly, they help with proprioception(kinaesthesia). Plenty of people say that wearing them helps them be more aware of the position of their knees concerning hips and ankles.

    So we became super curious to know more about knee sleeves for squats, and we began to research further. Looking for the best option, we came across SBD powerlifting knee sleeves, and found out how good they actually are.

    Thrilled by our findings we’ve decided to create these knee sleeves reviews to share with you!

    The Best Wrist Wraps You Can Buy in 2021
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    Sports injuries, and especially powerlifting ones, are not uncommon. And it’s not surprising, given how much pressure you, and your wrists are facing when you exercise and lift weights. Sometimes an injury can be minor, but other times it can even be permanent, unfortunately.

    Thus, it’s always important to make sure that you and your wrists are protected, and that is why so many professional athletes always use the best wrist wraps.

    These are extremely useful when it comes to providing supportive strength gears for the wrists. Moreover, powerlifting wrist wraps are essential for weight training as they help you go on for a longer period and also give you a strong grip and make your palms less sweaty.

    Thus, choosing the best wrist straps becomes a matter of not only safety but also comfort. And today we will help you learn all about this wonderful accessory, and how you can choose only the best wrist wraps.

    Choosing the Best Power Tower: A Comprehensive Guide
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    It is impossible to say how it was for politicians and decision-makers in our countries, but we can say that for most of us, the pandemic indeed came as a complete surprise. With all the restrictions, lockdowns, etc., it is little to say that it took a great deal of time to recover from the shock and get our lives in some kind of order. Would you agree?

    Now, this reorganization of life meant different things, and various folks had to deal with different challenges. What was the biggest you faced? We know that for some of our friends with children, the most complex thing was to organize adequate working and studying spaces. It was particularly the problem for those who lived in smaller homes. We however found ourselves trying to overcome a different obstacle. You see, we are the type of people who give a lot of attention to healthy nutrition and exercise. Hence, as you can imagine, before the SARS-CoV-2 arrived, we were trying to spend as much time as possible, working out in the gym. When everything, including gyms, got locked, we found ourselves in a rather unpleasant situation. However, determined to not let this situation interfere with our routine, we’ve decided to order equipment and create our own home gym.

    The biggest obstacle was, of course, the limited space. Our apartment is not what one would describe as small, but all rooms already had a purpose and we couldn't possibly imagine where to put everything. Then thought to buy an adjustable power tower emerged! “A power tower?!", we discussed, "But where on Earth are we going to find a space for it?"! We investigated a bit more about it and concluded that this multifunctional tool will take up far less space than all the other tools we were considering. Thus, we’ve decided to consult some professional athletes, trainers, and gym owners, and made our decision based on their recommendations.

    Now, we wish to share all this knowledge and also help you find only the best tower power, that will bring you great results!

    Good Morning Squats: Everything You Need to Know
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    If you lift heavyweights, then you might have heard or even did good morning squats. Usually, people get into this position by accident, while others do it purposefully, thinking that it’ll help their goals. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the good morning squat exercise is pretty delicate and may be detrimental to your health, if you perform them the wrong way. Thus, to ensure that ...
    Best Speed Bag Platforms for Home Use 2021

    If you asked us several years ago, we would tell you that we are in that group of people who exercise because they have to. Honestly, we never really understood all those fitness junkies, who love to have sore muscles and get sweaty! But, as it is clear that by exercising regularly we increase our chances for a long and healthy life. So we tried to keep up with our workouts.

    Our routine included running on the treadmill and working with dumbbells three-four times a week, and we were pretty happy with it. Then, the experience we had two years ago made us realize that exercise has more than only one purpose. At that time, we worked as an investigative journalist, which meant that we often stayed in the office over time. It was late on that particular night when we were, almost, robbed at knifepoint. We say almost, only because one of us had some self-defense training as an older teenager, and managed to kick the knife out of the guy's hand. We ran and quickly jumped in the car.

    This experience made us realize two things. First that, the exercises saved us, and second that we have to not only workout more but differently. So we decided to enroll in a boxing class. It was going well, except for the fact that we couldn't practice at home. Talking with the coach, we learned that it would be smart if we bought the best speed bag, in addition to the workout gloves. Why would we need that, we asked. He advised us that every boxer should have it because it improves speed, eye coordination and teaches us to keep guard at all times.

    And shopping for the bag was not such a challenge! We talked with a coach about our needs and desires, and following his recommendations, we quickly found something that satisfied us. Looking for a boxing speed bag platform, however, wasn’t so straightforward. Still, with help of a coach, other experts, and some articles, after a week or two, we managed to find the one that suited our needs.

    Moreover, we’ve decided to gather and sort out all our knowledge and findings to help you find only the best speed bag platform!

    How to Choose the Best Alternatives for Cable Crossover: The Ultimate Guide to Finding
    For a year now, many if not all aspects of our lives are disrupted. Like many of you, we hoped that we will be able to return to normalcy once the vaccines are out. Nonetheless, it seems that things aren’t going at the pace we had hoped, doesn’t it? Still, we are trying to handle the situation the best we can, don’t we? The most challenging for us was to ...
    Best Seated Cable Row Alternative Exercises You Must Try
    The seated cable row is a type of exercise that you perform on a horizontal cable machine. It comes with a bench and a place where you can put the feet. While this is a very effective and great exercise that works on your back and arms, this machine is mostly available in the gym. And that can be an issue for some people since not everyone can afford membership ...