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Terms and Conditions of Use

These set obligations bind every user of the resource to agree to these binding obligations fully in case of utilizing this site. In case you disagree with these binding obligations, you must refrain from the usage of this site.

License to Use Website

With only the exception whereby rights are bought by any external entity, is entitled to ownership of intellectual property on the website and contents on the website.

Users are only allowed to download for caching purposes, may peruse the site and print pages for their own personal use, however, they are restricted to binding obligations and regulations policy of

It is strictly forbidden to:

  • Publish material from this site by other parties;
  • Peddle, lease, or sub-license material from the resource;
  • Broadcast any contents of the site in public;
  • Transcribe, replicate, copy or use material on this site for your own benefit in order to gain commercial profit; edit or change any material on the site; disseminate contents from this site [excluding contents that are distributed to be tested and specifically provided for distribution].

Visitor may not use this resource in any way that may spoil the reputation of the site, impel any damage or rather hinder the existence of the site for future purposes. The site must not be used for any attempts of scamming or any illegal actions that may risk the site integrity.

It is prohibited to use this site for copying, storing, hosting, transferring, deploying, redirecting, broadcasting, or disseminating any material which may lead to threatening the site to computer virus, Trojan horse, keystroke logger, worm, rootkit, or any other malware.

In case the users may choose to participate in any systematic or automated data collection activities (such as data mining, limitation scrapping, data harvesting, and data extraction), this must be executed based on the authorization provided by and a written consent letter issued by to anyone who may want to conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities.

It is prohibited for the users to transfer or send unsolicited commercial communications on site.

User Contents

According to the terms and conditions, “your user contents” includes any contents (like texts, images, audio, and video material, as well as audio-visual material) that you upload for any intent to this site.

Users bestow the a global, non-exclusive, irreversible, royalty-free right for deploying, remaking, adapting, broadcasting, translating and disseminating your user contents in current or envisaged media. Users also bestow the the right to sub-license these rights and to take any loyal actions to those violating these rights.

Your user contents must adhere to the law, the rights of the third party must be protected, and therefore no user contents should lead to any legal actions taken against the or yourself.

The prohibits users to submit any contents to the site that have been subject to any loyal proceedings or complaint of any sort.

The has the rights to adjust or take out any material added to this site, or stored on the’s servers, hosted or produced in this site.

Despite the’s rights stated in the terms and conditions dealing with the user’s contents, the resource is not obliged to inspect the contents provided by the user, or the production of the contents on this site.

No Warranties

The subscription of this site is devoid of any representations or warranties, written or implied. The does not provide any representations or warranties to the third parties involved in the usage of data and material contained in this site.

Without any hostility to the generalities contained in the foregoing paragraph, the does not guarantee that:

This website will not cease its availability; or the data on this site is absolute. The is entitled to any of its views on the website and does not serve as an advisory practitioner to any third party; the third parties may refer to relevant professionals when they seek assistance on legal matters, medical or financial information.

Users are fully responsible for any actions they may partake regarding the usage of this site. The does not guarantee the users whether the site will be effective in terms of accuracy, fitness, and completeness of contents on the site. Thus, the information contained on the site will be utilized strictly for informational purposes. Therefore, full responsibility is bestowed upon you for any of your actions.

The denies any guarantees (written or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The resource shall not be held accountable in any circumstances to any entity for any damages whether direct, indirect, retributive, special, incidental or any other collateral damages arising directly or indirectly from any engagement with this material, which is provided “as it is”, and without promises.

The data embedded on this site are merely intended to be strictly for informational purpose and not for diagnosis prescription, or treatment of any health deformity whatsoever. These data should not substitute the need for users to consult competent medical practitioners, neither any part of this site should be used as a means of self-treatment or as a viable replacement for medical evaluation by a doctor. In case users misuse any material contained in this site, the will not be held accountable for any user misdeeds. All information composed on the site except statistical data and quotes is to be considered the author’s opinion.

As proclaimed in the previous terms and conditions, the information contained on this site is strictly used for informational purposes and may not resonate with certain individuals. Consult your doctor before starting to do any exercise or technique. Negligence of consulting the medical practitioner or mistaking correct instructions may result in injury. Only trained doctors can determine your use of this information. The will not account or be held responsible for any injury or health condition of participants that may occur through the following programs and views expressed herein.

By going through this site, you and you alone bear the responsibility for trying out exercises, techniques, and methods that are explained and mentioned on this site, so you try all this at your own discretion, the red flag has been raised in advance to you.

Limitations of Liability

The will not be liable to you the user (whether under any conceptualized law and otherwise) in relation to the contents or the use of this site:

  • for any loss purported or realized; or for any losses relating to monies earned, contractual obligations, business reputation, loss of assets, loss of business contacts
  • or any business losses, loss of income, loss of status, or corruption of valuable data.

These restrictions of liability bind users even if the has been advised of the identified loss.


The rejection is made in a way so as not to exclude or restrict any warranty involved by law that it would be an infringement; and any contents of this site will not be excluded or restricted by the neither to attempt nor purport to exclude or restrict the resource’s liability connecting harm or death caused to a user due to the’s negligence; illegal misrepresentation from the resource; or illegal discrimination.


By utilizing this site, you accord that the exclusion and exceptions stipulated on this site disclaimer are acceptable.

If you conclude that they are unreasonable, you must refrain from using the site.

Unenforceable Provisions

In case there is a single provision on this site that is deemed unenforceable under applicable law, it will not negate the enforceability of the rest of the provisions of this site disclaimer.


Users hereby indemnify the and promise to keep it protected against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including those without limitation of legal expenses and any amounts paid by the to the third party in settlement of a claim or loggerheads with the advice of the resource) arising from your negligent use of the site and detrimental to the or coming from any claim that you have violated any provision of these terms and conditions.

Breaches of These Terms and Conditions

The will take harsh actions to any party that contravenes the terms and conditions stipulated in the disclaimer and this will be done in accordance with the discretion applied by the, including the prohibition for users to access the site, block computers using your Internet Protocol address accessing from the site, request your internet service provider to block your access to the site and/or subject you to court proceedings.


The may review these terms and conditions on a regular basis at any time. New concepts compiled from the regular revision of terms and conditions will apply to the use of this site from the date of the publication of a revised version of the terms and conditions on this site. Users are advised to skim this page regularly so that they can familiarize themselves with the latest version.


The receives the right to change or utilize these terms and conditions in any way without getting consent from you.

Your rights to change or utilize these terms and conditions in any way are not prohibited.


Should any part or parts of the terms and condition receive an unfavorable judgment or be seen as unlawful by any court or legal authority, it is deemed that the other parts of the terms and conditions will continue to be in effect. Any part or parts that are deleted will be as such and the remaining stipulations will stay valid.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions, along with Copyright Notice and Website Disclaimer establish the whole agreement betwixt you and the relating to your usage of this site and overrides all previous agreements concluded on the resource.

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