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    02 Jun 2020

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    Are you having a difficult time swimsuit shopping? Well, this is one of the most tedious experiences especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. If you’re not keen, you might end up buying something too large or sketchy for your body. Besides, for women, trying out bikinis in a boutique mirror can be somewhat frustrating and embarrassing.

    Luckily, we’ve put together some interesting facts on the different types of swimwear for both men and women. We hope that once you’ve gone through this information, getting the right bathing suit will get tremendously easier. Let’s get started!

    Swimming suit designs for women have drastically changed within the past couple of years. From the heavy woolen swimsuits which women wore in the Victorian era to the more revealing types of two piece swimsuits we see today, there’s clearly much to choose from. Besides, they come in different fabrics, shapes, and styles.

    types of women swimsuits

    So, are you looking for the best type of swimming suit for women? If yes, then there are two designs to keep in mind;

    • Bikinis
    • Monokinis

    What is Bikini

    We know that you’ve probably heard about bikini swimwear types but what exactly are they? In simple terms, they are normally ladies’ two-pieces swimsuit with two triangles at the bottom and another bra like fabric that covers the breasts. Introduced back in 1946, over the years, they have gone through interesting changes.

    Today, you’ll find the lesser revealing and smaller types as compared to the more original versions. In fact, finding the right-sized bikini can be quite challenging if you don’t know what to look for. Fortunately, we’ve found some amazing bikini that will ‘rock’ your gorgeous body. Take a look!

    Bikini Types

    The Strapless Bikini

    Here’s one of those bikini swimwear types that has grown in popularity for its sexy appeal. Also called the Bandini, it’s a collection of elegant briefs and an overly revealing bandeau bra. We have it to be best suited for hourglass and skimpy shaped ladies but it doesn’t work well for those with large busts.

    The Multi-Stringed Type

    The second type of swimming suit bikini designs is this beautiful multiple straps model. It sometimes resembles a nape neck halter that gives it a more modern look. Instead of the traditional two shoulder straps, it has more innovative straps that are perfect for ladies with flaunting shoulder bones. However, it doesn’t carry the same sexy appeal for women with large shoulder blades.

    type of bikini bottoms
    The String Type Bikini

    Here is another enchanting bikini design that you should consider getting for your next outdoor swim. It has strings that cling and spread around your back and waist giving you a divine look that will keep heads turning. It’s best suited for ladies with curvy, hourglass bodies and those who are not afraid to add a ‘steamy’ look. Sadly, it doesn’t work for those with huge thighs and huge busts.


    Do you want a skimpy bikini? The microkini is maybe the best design we’ve found so far. It has just enough fabric to hide the genital areas with simple thread-like straps which add a more sexual appeal. One thing is for sure though; you’ll need a lot of guts to rock in this breath taking swimwear.

    The High Neck Types of Bikinis

    These designs are normally less revealing when compared to other bikinis. The top half has a high neck which covers a huge part of the bust region. They also come in comfortable bikini bottoms that are ideal for surfers and sporting athletes. Unfortunately, we’ve found them to be a bit too much for ladies with flat chests.

    one piece women swimsuits

    What is a Monokini?

    Are you still looking for other ladies’ swimsuit types? Well, the monokini is another design that you’ll love. They are classic one-piece type of swimming suit designs with cool, revealing cutouts. You’ve maybe seen one or two women wearing them and wanted to get some for yourself too, right?

    Now, the fashion industry continues to introduce different monokini types of female swimsuits. Most of them are stylish and authentic enough to give ladies a classy and bold look. Here are our best choices:

    • The design monokini
    • The Chevron monokini
    • The halter backless monokini
    • The pleated monokini
    • The embroidered monokini.

    Types of Men's Swimwear

    “What type of swimsuit should I wear?” this is a question that continues to trouble a lot of guys out there. Of course, unlike women, men don’t have a wide selection of designs to pick from. Here, choices normally depend on the kind of cut and style one is looking for. Below are a few impressive and fashionable examples to keep in mind.

    Swimming Trunks

    The best swim trunks for men are quite easy to come by and are worn by people of different ages from children to old men. If you’re searching for kids’ first swimming attire, it will probably be a pair of simple swimming trunks. They come in different fabrics from polyester to nylon or even a mixture of the two.

    types of swimming trunks

    We also need to point out that they are of funky prints and exist in numerous solid colors. They are loosely designed and most fall perfectly around the middle part of the thighs. Young teens sometimes prefer to wear broader, cozier shorts instead of the more traditional trunks.

    The Boardshorts

    Like we’ve previously mentioned above, these types of swimsuits for guys are quite popular with young teens or adults. You’ll find many at the pools or beaches wearing them while skateboarders and surfers also prefer them, especially on warm summer days. Lastly, their waistline is not elastic but instead has a Velcro fly with a simple lace at the front.

    The Square Leg Type of Swim Suit

    If you’re not comfortable with swim trunks or board shorts, the square leg designs might be rightly suited for you. They resembling the tight, elastic boxer shorts but with a more fitting look. We’ve found them in many professional swimmers or people who spend a lot of time in the water.

    Swim Jammers

    This swimwear for men’s body type is also popular among competitive swimmers. Most of them resemble cycling shorts although they are more form-fitting. You might not see many wearing swim jammers at the beach but if you’re going for a swimming competition then they are a fantastic option.

    The Swim Briefs

    Introduced in the Melbourne Olympics of 1956, they are made from spandex or nylon. These ‘speedos’ they are available in various swimwear brands. Here we’ve found swimming suits for body types that go well with g-string designs or full-wear coverage.

    What is the Best Swimsuit for My Body Type?

    From women with curvaceous bodies to men with athletic bodies, there are different types of swimsuits depending on comfort and style. However, to help you find the right one, you’ll need to first understand your body type. Of course, men will look good in any of their preferred swimming wear, however, for ladies, understanding these 4 types of body shapes is crucial to getting the perfect types of female swimsuits;

    types of mens swimwear
    • Pear shape-Hips are wider than the bust and waist
    • Apple shape-waist is larger than the hips
    • Straight
    • Hourglass shape-hips and bust are almost equal in size.

    Wrap Up!

    According to experts from, getting the best type of swimming suit is much more complicated than searching for the best swim goggles or headgear. It requires a complete understanding of your body type as well as your style tastes and preferences. Also, remember that ladies have a more difficult task ahead of them as compared to men. Luckily, with the above information, there’s not much to worry about.

    All in all, do you have any design choices in mind? Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions. We wish you all the best as you go shopping!

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