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  • Types of Longboards – Which to Choose?

    10 Feb 2020

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    Whether you’re a big fan of extreme sports or just looking for an alternative to skating, you can never go wrong with riding longboards. The sport is attractive to lots of young people. It is a high energy packed sport. It makes you feel alive. The rush of wind in your face and adrenaline flowing through your body as you cruise downhill. It’s a feeling like no other.

    different styles of longboards

    Enough of that. You are here because you want to know what is the best longboard. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list for you based on expert advice. Choosing the best longboard for you is dependent on a few factors. What longboard riding styles are you good at? Depending on your riding style, what different styles of longboards are you interested in? What longboard designs do you fancy?

    Having an answer to these questions will help you decide the best penny board out there for you. This is because there are different types each with a different purpose.

    Now let’s dig deeper to learn more about all the designs, styles, and different longboard shapes.

    Downhill longboard

    Downhill Longboards

    Downhill longboards were specifically created for downhill racing. The parts of a longboard specifically made for downhill racing are made of the best quality materials. A downhill longboard needs to be able to handle harsh terrains. To ensure that a rider maintains maximum stability and control speed wobbling has been eliminated. Riders can easily control the movement of a longboard since both the front and back ends have been expertly defined. This longboard comes with good longboard wheels. They are soft to ensure even at high speeds, the board still maintains a good grip on the terrain.

    MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard | 40-inch Drop Trough Deck | Made for Cruising Ride (Alps)
    • The 40-Inch longboard is constructed with the classic downhill drop model. It's low gravity construction is ideal for any speed ride.
    • Super strong 8-ply cold pressed hardrock maple, 37-Inch wheelbase, spacious 10-Inch width deck, all these contributed to a stable downhill platform.
    • Genuine alluminium 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable as 50 or 45 degree, and take to you great maneuverability.
    • Durable 70x51mm 78A PU wheels work with ABEC-9 presion bearings, letting you enjoy an unsurpassed smooth ride.
    • Designed by talents across the Atlantic. Graphics range from strikingly vintage to avant-garde looks.
    Drop Through longboards

    Drop Through Longboards

    Drop Through Longboards is a longboard for beginners and intermediaries. They are quite common among riders since they can be used for cruising, free riding, curving, and downhill racing. The Drop Through’s longboard decks are great for speed and are stable. Are you curious to know how they got these longboards got their name? There are holes on the deck’s nose and tail which allows the trucks to drop through the deck. Riders can now ride the board while the longboard is low and stable, therefore increasing the board’s overall stability.

    B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard - 41 Inch Maple Skateboard - Complete Skateboard Cruiser for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style and Downhill
    • SUPER STRONG MAPLE: Durable 8-ply hardwood maple deck with max load weight 220Ibs
    • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM TRUCKS: 3" strong aluminum truck and base with polished finish
    • SOFT PU WHEELS: Super smooth 80 A PU wheels with ABEC-11 high speed bearings
    • SHOCK ABSORBER: Lightweight with shock absorb ring guarantee the smooth cruising
    • DECK SIZE: 41” Long x 10.2” Wide , no assembly required

    Carving Longboards

    Carving longboards have been named after the type of riding they are intended for. Carving is an example of a freeride longboard riding skill. Riders are required to be highly skilled since carving involves cruising down a hill expertly swerving past any obstacles in your way. It requires riders to have practiced for a while to develop their skills.

    Carving longboards

    Carving longboards have been built in an almost similar design like cruiser longboards. The directional decks made of maple and bamboo have a little flex for shock-absorbing. The wheels of carving longboards are also soft to increase grip and ensure smooth sailing over cracks. The deck of this longboard is higher so that riders can make better responsive turns.

    The carving longboard deck shapes are concave. Its wheels have wells to ensure that during sharp turns the wheels don’t bite. The trucks on the board have been designed in such a way the rider will complete aggressive turns.

    Cruising Longboards

    Are you planning on taking on longboarding as a hobby? If you are, we suggest starting with a cruising longboard. They are perfect for beginners, both adults, and children. The design of cruising longboards allows for wider decks and trucks giving it high levels of stability. This is the main reason why we recommend the cruising longboard to beginners because the longboard has got a perfect balance.

    Cruising longboards have large soft wheels to increase surface grip and ensure smooth sailing over cracks and rough patches on the road. Riders can also easily ride the board in crowded areas. That’s awesome. Right?

    WHOME 31" Pro Small Longboard Carving Cruising Skateboard - for Adult Youth Kid Beginner Girl and Boy T-Tool Included
    • The WHOME Special Pro Small Longboard - Very versatile, Suitable for Cruising, Carving, Commuting, Freeride, Freestyle,Dancing.
    • 31x8.25" Maple Deck - 8 Layer alpine hard rock maple wood . Max load: 198lbs.
    • WHOME Special High Precision Chrome Steel ABEC-9 Bearings. Premium OS780 Grip Tape - Provide enough traction, making skateboarding more stable.
    • 63x51mm 80A PU Wheels-Better grip to the road while carving, riding or performing other tricks. High Rebound PU Bushing- great turn ability and better control at fast speed.
    • What You Get - WHOME All-in-one T-Tool,our fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. 

    Bamboo Longboard

    Due to the material of their manufacture bamboo longboards are very flexible and light. Due to these unique characteristics, lots of young riders have taken to the board. For those of you who prefer organic products, then the bamboo longboard is the perfect board for you. It also makes sense that these boards are the best to take on trips since they are lightweight. They are perfect for freestyle riders who love to perform tricks. The wheels are difficult to replace, but since the board is cheap to purchase that is a non issue.

    White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (Cruiser)
    • 41 inches x 9.25 inches
    • Multiple layers of Bamboo and Canadian Maple with durable heat transferred graphics and clear grip tape.
    • 180 mm (7 inch) aluminum trucks with polished finish and ultra-high rebound bushings.
    • 70 mm x 50 mm high rebound urethane wheels. Fast and durable Abec 9 Hellion bearings with built in spacers.
    • Search: "White Wave Longboards" to see all our products.
    dancing longboard

    Freestyle Longboards

    Freestyle longboards are mainly used to perform tricks by riders. The types of longboard decks on these boards are wide and more flexible to make it easier to perform tricks. They are symmetrical in shape. Freestyle longboards are one of the longboard with kicktails that enable riders to flip the board and perform tricks.

    Dancing longboards are in this category of boards. To ensure that one can easily spin and walk on them, dancing longboards are as long as 42” +. However, they are flatter and have a concave-shaped deck with moderate flex.

    Different Shapes of Longboards

    Similarly to nearly everything else in the world, different types of longboards come in different shapes. You may probably be wondering, why are longboard shapes important. The answer is pretty simple. The shape of a longboard affects the board’s overall performance. So let’s explore further the different longboard shapes together.

    Longboard types shapes


    The base center of pintail longboards are wider while the nose and tail are sharper. This improves the balance on the board making it easier for riders to take sharp turns. The wheels are also carved out to reduce instances of wheel bites. If your riding style includes changing direction often and making sharp turns. We recommend pintail longboards.


    Fishtail longboards are almost similar to pintail longboards. They have a wide base center which is accompanied by a sharp nose. Their tails are the only difference between the two. The fishtail longboard has a split tail that resembles a fish’s tail fin and the split tail surfboard. This makes the fishtail longboard the perfect candidate for riders to use to try out the classic surf riding style. One superb advantage of the fishtail longboards is that they allow riders to ride for longer and also it allows riders to make sharp turns.


    No. Not that blunt you are thinking about. We are referring to blunt longboards. Another great example of longboards perfect for beginners. The wide round tail and nose increase the stability of the board which makes it easier for beginners to easily learn longboarding. These same features also give the blunt longboard a disadvantage since riders can’t easily complete precise sharp turns. It is therefore not a great choice for professional riders.

    Mini-Cruiser Short Longboards

    You can refer to mini-cruiser short longboards as longboard skateboard. The length of these boards is 33” or lower hence they are not true longboards. Due to the short length of the mini-cruiser longboard, their stability isn’t high enough. Therefore beginners can’t use the board to master riding skills. They are, however, perfect for pro-riders.

    Cut Out

    Cut out longboards are the most unique longboards since they are bi-directional. This means a rider can ride regularly and switch at ease. The wheel clearance rate is also higher than in other longboards. Cut out longboards have drop-through trucks to increase stability at high speeds. The large wheels of the cut-out longboard allow the board to complete sharp turns. Therefore, the board is perfect for freeriding, downhill, and freestyle riding styles.

    Drop Down

    Drop-down longboards come with a nose and deck that are placed low to increase board stability. The drop-down longboard borrows its deck design from cut out longboards to allow room for wheel clearance.

    Speed Boards

    The speed board longboards were designed for only one thing. More speed! More speed! Unsurprisingly the speed board longboard’s design does not disappoint. The board not only guarantees you high speeds, but the board also has provided high levels of stability when riders are speeding down a hill.

    What Type of Longboard Should I Get?

    This was probably the question you had been asking yourself before reading this article. What longboard should I get? You can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types of longboards that are available. Fear not. We have a simple solution for you.

    Before deciding to purchase a longboard for you or your child, ask yourself this question. For what riding purpose will this board be used for? Your choice of which longboard to buy will be determined by the riding style or skills being showcased.

    Final Word

    Before you finish reading we need to mention one thing. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of your safety to us. Before taking off to ride on your longboard make sure you have the right protection gear. This also includes helmets. You can easily get injured during longboarding. So, it is important to protect yourself. Now go and get yourself a longboard and enjoy it.

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