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  • 8 Best Weighted Ab Exercises for Your Perfect Body

    30 Dec 2019

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    We all want to look attractive and fit, and a lot of us are willing to work hard to get that sculptured body. And the most common thing we pay attention to is our belly area. That makes sense, since the belly is a big indicator of our health, believe it or not. Some people store fat differently, true, however, belly fat is the most dangerous one, since it’s indicative of a lot of problems.

    So to not only look attractive but also healthy, we have to focus on building muscle and reducing fat. You need a diet to shred fat and exercise to develop the abs, look slimmer, or buffer depending on your goal.

    Today, we will focus on the Weighted ab exercises, which will be a huge help for you to build and maintain muscle. We’ll take a look at 8 of the most effective and helpful exercises, that will help you get a very attractive, chiseled body.

    Nutrition is the most important thing on our way to health and fitness. Remember that in order to achieve any bodily goals you have to keep an eye on what you eat and how much. And remember, not even the best-weighted ab exercises can help you if you don’t fuel your body with good nutrients.

    Advice to Follow for Your Ab Diet

    If you want a well-built midriff, then lean protein should become your best friend. It’s pretty common knowledge by now – if you want the abs and lean physique, you have to consume protein.

    So make sure to include it either in your meal. Also, don’t forget about proper hydration, it will help you tone your belly and get rid of toxins. Yogurt is also a great thing to include since it contains probiotics that fight belly fats.

    So overall, eat more healthy fat and fewer carbohydrates. Remember that the worst foods to eat when trying to eliminate and fight belly fat are carbs, such as junk food and sodas. And the most important – don’t starve yourself attempting to get a six-pack, since when your body enters into starvation mode, your metabolism will slow or shut down, thus, no weight loss or strength to do any weighted ab exercises.

    Speaking of them, with that said, let’s now take a look at some of the best ab workouts using weights you can try:

    Best Ab Workouts with Weights

    Reverse Dumbbel Crunches

    Reverse Dumbbell Crunches

    • Relax on your back, arch your knees, and put a dumbbell between your limbs and ensure that your laps overlook the ceiling.
    • Use your feet to clinch the dumbbell and draw your limbs next to your ribs. As you do this, ensure that your tail bone gets slightly off the rug.
    • To get maximum results from weighted lower exercises for abs, like using dumbbells clench your abs and hoist up your legs.
    • Avoid using your knees to thrust your feet.
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    Russian Twist

    Russian Twist

    One of the best-weighted abs exercises, the Russian twist is a rather simple exercise you can perform with a dumbbell or without.

    To perform this core weight lifting exercise you have to:

    • Find a comfortable spot and sit. Ensure that your feet are pressed to the rug.
    • Stretch on the rug and clench the dumbbell in your palms.
    • Bend your upper body backward and hoist your feet.
    • Ensure that your soles tar the floor.
    • Make sure to use your core muscles, and turn your torso slowly side to side.

    Also remember, since it is core weight training, you have to utilize your stomach muscles while performing.

    Overhead Circles

    Overhead Circles

    The best thing about overhead circles using a medicine ball is that it is among the best ab workouts for women with weights.

    To perform it you have to:

    • Stand with your feet apart and slightly arch your knees.
    • Make sure that your back remains in a neutral position then hoist a medicine ball over your head.
    • Stand still, keep your back straight, and rotate the ball.


    Plank is one of the most beneficial stomach exercises with weights. It can be quite challenging for beginners, but once you get used to it, you’ll be surprised by its effectiveness. All you have to do to perform it is to:

    • Commence with a plank and grasp a dumbbell in your hands. Keep your wrists rigid to prevent muscle injury.
    • Heave one of your hands while twisting your torso. Your pelvis might rotate but keep your abdomen stiff.
    • Bring down that arm and repeat with the opposite side for a full rep.
    Kettlebell Windmill

    Kettlebell Windmill

    This exercise is effective when using weights for abs and the great thing about it is the fact that both men and women can perform it. Thus, it qualifies as one of the best-weighted core exercises. To perform it you have to:

    • Stand with your legs wider than your hips.
    • Turn your left toes towards the side and hoist your opposite arm overhead. Remember to concentrate on the kettlebell.
    • When you turn your hips towards the right, your body should follow. As you do this, you ought to feel most of your body weight on your right leg.
    • Lower your torso on the floor and ensure that the kettlebell is a few feet off the ground. Your body should be flat, with your shoulders and limbs on the same plane.
    • Keep your upper body still, and then tap your left shoulder using your left arm.
    • Point your right hand to the ceiling as you stand.
    • Shift your abdomen to the middle and complete the exercise by hoisting your left arm overhead.

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    Weighted Ab Crunch

    Weighted Ab Crunch

    Fitness experts recommend various crunch workouts for a flat tummy. And this weighted ab crunch is pretty easy to do because all you need is an 8-pound medicine ball.

    • Lie on a rug with your arms stretched, holding the medicine ball next to your spine.
    • Hoist your limbs midair and ensure that your soles overlook the ceiling.
    • Raise your shoulders off the rug as you elevate the medicine ball above your ribs, then shove the ball slowly towards the floor.
    • Get back to the first step by dropping your torso on the rug to complete a rep.


    One of the best core exercises with weights is the deadlift since it’s considered to be very good at preventing back injury. In order to perform it you have to:

    • Choose appropriate plates for your barbell; go for lighter weights in case this is your first time.
    • Make sure that your legs are apart and the toes face outwards. Place the barbell on your feet’s midpoint.
    • Arc your knees, then squat while reaching for the barbell. Keep your calves vertical and ensure that they brush the barbell.
    • Grab the bar wider than your shoulder width and ensure that your arms are straight.

    Just remember that since this is weight training for abs, make sure to push out your knees and keep your back straight.

    Bench Press

    Bench Press

    When you want to try weight bench exercises for abs, the bench press is an excellent exercise, especially for beginners. However, many people, especially beginners, can hurt themselves, trying core workouts with weights. So make sure to start with a smaller weight, or ask for help if you’re not strong enough yet.

    • Keep your back on the bench; your eyes should face the ceiling or the bar.
    • Lift your torso and clench your shoulders, but remember your soles should be on the floor.
    • Grip the bar and keep your wrists straight. Inhale deeply and unrack your bar and move it over your shoulder blades.
    • Lift the bat from your chest, rack it, and breathe. That’s one rep.

    When doing weighted bar exercises, abs could hurt or get sore, so remember to practice caution as you lower the bar over your ribs.

    Facts and Questions about Abs and Weights

    Most people think that weights only help to build calves, back, and pectoral muscles; however, exercises such as core with weights are also useful for weights for a flat stomach.

    There are many questions and misconceptions about the Weighted ab exercises, so we’ve decided to answer some of these FAQs.

    Can I Get Abs If I Lift Weights?

    Yes, however, weight training exercises for abs only work best when you eat foods that don’t add to your belly fat. This means that you have to consume more healthy foods, go on any type of diet, even the smoothie diet since it’s quite helpful, healthy, and delicous. With all this, the results will be much better since once you lose fat, the muscles will be much more visible. Otherwise, you will be working out muscles, but they will be hidden under the fat tissue.

    Does Sucking in Your Belly Help to Flatten It?

    According to a study by researchers, sucking in your belly helps to strengthen abdominal muscles. This is an exercise called Stomache Vacuum, and it is extremely convenient since you can do it pretty much everywhere. All you have to do is exhale and then suck in your belly as much as you can. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and repeat.

    What Weights are Good for Abs?

    The best abs weight improves your stomach muscles and burns fat. Russian twist and weighted crunches are simple workouts that work effectively. When you do crunches with dumbbells, ensure that your spine can support the weight. If you want to see results sooner, think about making the best home gym that will be a huge help to your goals.

    What is the Best Exercise to Get a Six-Pack?

    The quickest way to get a six-pack is to combine good exercise and diet. You don’t have to spend hours blasting your abs, 15-20 minutes every day are enough. Try the overhead crunch, extended plank, reverse crunch, frozen V sit, and Janda sit-ups each for 12 reps. Do the extended plank for at least 45 seconds. Practice at least 2 times a week.

    What Exercises Build Abs?

    Many exercises can help you to build abs, for instance, Russian twists and cable crunches. The resistance built on your abdominal muscles helps to grow them. Remember, exercise alone won’t help if your diet is unhealthy. Ditch the refined sugars and processed foods, and your workout will pay off.


    So overall, it’s important to remember that weight lifting for abs yields faster results if you combine it with a clean diet. We at also remind you to take caution when working out to avoid back injury when doing any exercises using weights. Focus on your goals and we guarantee that you will see results in no time! Perhaps you also have some favorite weighted ab exercises that show some amazing results for you? What are they? Let us know in the comments, we would love to know!

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