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  • Here Are Our 20 Workout Tips for Beginners and New Bodybuilders

    14 Aug 2019

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    The beginning is always the hardest part, and that is especially the case with those that start their fitness journey. No matter how difficult the exercise seems at first, know that you WILL get better, as long as you don’t give up and keep in mind several very important things.

    And in order to help you, we wish to share some simple beginner workout routines and tips that should give you an easier time adjusting and getting better!

    So keep in mind these 20 workout tips for beginners and remember – we all been there, and your determination and agility will always pay off as long as you keep going.

    Let’s start off our gym guide for beginners by taking a look at some of the most common questions:

    Factors Affecting Muscle Growth

    One of the common challenges which most bodybuilders face is training every day only to see little or no muscle improvement. However, it’s not as simple, and there are a lot of factors that may cause poor or improved muscle growth:

    Increased Mechanical Tension

    Usually, bodybuilders will add weights on the bar during a workout session. It’s one of the crucial steps towards sufficient muscle growth as it causes increased protein synthesis, which is the body’s way of boosting protein muscles. How? Well, during such resistance exercise programs, the muscles stretch with great force, causing chemical as well as mechanical changes.

    Damage of Muscles

    Research shows that resistance exercise programs often cause inflammation of muscles. When this happens, white blood cells like lymphocytes and neutrophils migrate to the damaged site to remove unwanted debris. Eventually, this results in the release of specific growth inhibitors which improve the production of the all-important satellite cells, which help in healing.

    These satellite cells bind together with the muscle fibers to repair worn out tissues. So, although it may seem like a severe condition, the increase in these cells ultimately leads to muscle growth.

    Metabolic Stress

    Now, during certain strenuous exercises, your body produces metabolic by-products known as metabolites. Good examples include creatine, inorganic phosphate, hydrogen ion, and even lactate. Once this happens, it causes swelling of cells because of an increased build-up of water in the muscles.

    Further evidence shows that once such cell swelling occurs, the body boosts protein synthesis in the muscles and decreases the breakdown of proteins. The result of this is building an anabolic effect that’s critical to the sufficient growth of muscles.

    Here Are 16 Body Building Workout Tips and 4 General Gym Essentials for Beginners

    There are many reasons why you may choose to get into workout routines either at the gym or at home. It may be to ‘shed off’ excess fats or to bulk up on muscles. Research shows that between 2004 and 2014, the rate of gym memberships grew by 18.6%. Therefore, it’s clear that people want to give their bodies the best shape.

    So as long as you keep in mind these simple workout tips for men and women, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals!

    Start by Choosing the Most Suitable Gym

    While this may seem like a rather basic statement, it’s one of the most important beginner workout tips many people often ignore. Nowadays, you will find gyms in every street corner and city you visit.

    Start by Choosing the Most Suitable Gym

    However, not every facility has all the training or bodybuilding equipment or resources. So, before you commit your routine to any gym, ensure that it has the following equipment:

    • Barbells
    • Benches
    • Chest training machines
    • Shoulder and back machines
    • Some free weights

    A Complete Body Workout is Best for Beginners

    As a beginner, we feel that it’s better when you work on all your muscle groups instead of only concentrating on one. It saves on time as compared to splitting your program in, let’s say 3 days. In fact, it only takes an hour or two. That gives you enough time to concentrate on other daily routines. Most importantly, it ensures that you develop seamless training coordination as you hit all your key muscle groups.

    Take Some Body Workout Supplements

    Take Some Body Workout Supplements

    Take your pre-body workout supplements an hour or 30 minutes before you start your fitness program. The best muscle recovery supplement will nourish your body with enough nutrients and boost your endurance and energy during the workout session. Once you follow this routine for at least 1 month, you are sure to see enormous, positive changes in your body.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Use the Free Weights!

    Here, in our workout routines for beginners’ guide, we need to highlight that several gyms today come with fancy, new equipment. Sadly though, using only these machines will not give you the muscle formation you want to see in your body. That’s why we feel it’s better if you start with them as you slowly move to the free weights. After all, dumbbells and barbells are the right tools for building muscles.

    Avoid Over Training

    This is another excellent beginners’ training tip that you should keep in mind. A lot of beginners wear themselves out by exaggerating their home workout programs. As a result, this causes a lot of unpleasant consequences, such as unwarranted injuries stress, and worse sports perfomance. So don’t rush it and let your body rest, and it will thank you with some amazing results in the future.

    Have the Correct Form

    Take as much time as possible in learning about every exercise, consulting your trainer if needed and try it until you get it right. Avoid over-enthusiasm as it will almost certainly get you injured.

    Avoid Junk Food

    Avoid Junk Food

    One common question which we keep on getting from most beginners is, “what should I eat before a workout?” Well, junk foods should be the last thing on your mind. They have tons of unnecessary calories that do more harm than good to your body. Just stick to a balanced diet and stay clear of fried, sugary foods and alcoholic drinks.

    Take a Lot of Proteins

    Fish, dairy products, and eggs are some of the essential proteins that work perfectly in a beginner workout for women and men. You can also use some protein shakes to supplement your diet. These foods ensure safe repair and building of tissues giving bodybuilders a muscular body, full of strength.

    Concentrate on Compound Training Exercises

    Once you understand how to fully transition to the free weights, start taking your body through compound movements. These are workouts that focus on at least two muscle groups in one training session. Good examples are:

    • Dead-lift
    • Barbell bench
    • Bench pressing
    • Squats

    Stick to Your Beginners Workout Program

    Another integral ‘beginners workout’ program is following a strict fitness routine. If you are having trouble coming up with one, feel free to ask your trainer for assistance. You could also ask successful bodybuilders to share theirs. Whichever direction you decide to take, make sure that your program answers these questions:

    Stick to Your Beginners Workout Program
    • How often do I need to work out?
    • What type of exercises should I do?
    • How many sets do I need to concentrate on?
    • What should I eat before a workout?
    • How long should my workouts be?

    Keep on Challenging Yourself

    As you continue exercising and lifting those heavyweights, they will stop being as heavy as in the first days of training. One of the best things we can advise in our workout guide for beginners is to make progress but do now overdo it. If you feel pressure, soreness but still feel like you can go – don’t stop. However, if you truly feel like you physically can’t go anymore – don’t push yourself and get a rest. The key is to challenge yourself, not tourture.

    Follow a Strict Nutrition Program between Workouts

    Developing good eating habits is one of the most productive exercise tips for beginners. What, how, and when you eat carries insurmountable effects on your running or weight lifting fitness program. So, take as much time as possible to plan your eating program, and even request your trainer to help you create a sufficient meal plan.

    Eat a Lot of Vegetables and Fruits

    While eating healthy fats and proteins is vital to a successful workout routine, you also need minerals and vitamins. Fortunately, you can get these nutrients by consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits.

    Warm Up Before You Begin Your Session

    Warm-Up Before You Begin Your Session

    Did you know that it’s crucial to kick-start every workout session with a warm-up? Yes, this includes running on the treadmill or doing cardio exercises. This increases your heart rate, triggers the production of adrenaline, and gives your body the energy it requires to carry on with the workout.

    Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Nap!

    Sleep is one of the essential tips to start working out effectively. When your body is at rest, it replenishes its energy and muscles get sufficient time to recover. Therefore, ensure that you get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

    Be Careful When in the Gym

    The last point in our beginner workout tips for bodybuilders is to exercise caution as you operate the machines and carry the weights. A slight mishandling of such equipment often leads to severe and costly injuries. If you don’t know how to use a particular machine, consult the available trainer or any other professional bodybuilder closest to you.

    4 General Working Out Essentials for Beginners

    Like we’ve previously pointed out, not everyone goes to the gym or chooses to work out just to bulk up. In light of this, here are 4 additional working out beginner tips for those looking to lose some weight.

    The Best Results Won’t Come Over Night

    The Best Results Won’t Come Over Night

    This is one of those workout tips for beginners that we also need to explain vividly. People start exercising, expecting long-term results to happen fast. However, fitness is a deep and lifelong commitment. It includes a combination of practical training and healthy eating to achieve successful results.

    Get Some Active Individuals to Motivate Your Efforts

    Have some friends, co-workers and even family members that you can train with. This is one of the best workout tips for beginners as it teaches you to adopt healthy living both in and outside the gym. These individuals will ensure you make positive changes in you by:

    Be Happy

    Be Happy

    • Reduce your stress levels
    • Improve nutrition and hydration
    • Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep

    Pick an activity that you love doing because otherwise, you will quickly lose motivation and all your hard work will be wasted. So always strive for any physical activity that you enjoy: cycling, swimming, dancing, rock climbing all of these are a huge help.

    Watch Your Body Clock!

    By the end of our beginner workout tips, we would like to answer the final question, “What is the best time of day to work out?” Well, train when your body feels most energetic, for example, if you are a morning person, work out early in the day and vice versa. Also, keep in mind that a body that is full of energy brings the most successful results, so make sure not to exercise on an empty stomach!


    And that’s all we wanted to share with you in our workout tips for beginners. We at ApprovedByCoach sincerely hope that you will keep these in mind, and will start making progress as soon as possible! All in all, remember that the entire process requires tons of dedication, passion, and discipline to get satisfying results, so keep going and you will look and feel better in no time!

    And If you have any other workout tips for beginners that we might have forgotten – feel free to share them in the comments, so we could help more people archive their progress!

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